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Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Scuzzbopper.
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Scuzzbopper2.
Archetypeicon scrapper.png This user's main hero is a Scrapper.

V archetypeicon brute.png This user's main villain is a Brute.

CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Heroes and Villains on the Justice server.
Total Altaholic.gif This user suffers from Altitis and possibly Altsheimers as well. Fortunately for this user, neglect of player characters is not a crime… yet.


I first heard of City of Heroes when I read this comic. Signed up for the pre-beta forums and mostly just lurked waiting for more news on the game.

Back in pre-beta, they held a City Motto contest for Paragon City. I entered the contest with the submission Birthplace of Tomorrow and won! So when you look at the floor in City Hall or visit the big coin in Kings Row, that motto you see is my contribution to the game. That also pretty well tied me to the game for life. Even though it's a teeny-tiny little bit, there's a part of the game that's mine, and that creates a connection to the game for me that no other MMOG has.

I'm also the City of Heroes Codex guy. I've been playing with demos since the original CoH beta and started the Codex when another web site that had maintained info on demo data disappeared (, and yes, that was how it was spelled). Originally it wasn't much more than a list of AV models, but I've kept building on it along the way. It was Hype's first movie (hi res version here) that showed me just what sort of things you could do with demo editing and really got me interested. I've whipped up a lot of demo-edited screenshots, but I've never actually finished a movie (at least not that I've made public). Maybe someday.

I mainly play on Justice, with occasional visits to Virtue and Triumph.



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