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TO Training Attack Rate.png This user's time zone is Central Time.

V archetypeicon mastermind.png This user's main villain is a Mastermind.

Archetypeicon defender.png This user's main hero is a Defender.

Badge DayJob Griefer.png This user engages in PVP.
CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Villains and Heroes on the Freedom server.
Badge vr months 018.png This user is Staunch.

Hey, I start contributing soon, maybe?

V badge HistoryBadge.png Coming soon!
PsychoBit (Alexander Moraine)
CoV Game Icon.png Level 50 . Originicon technology.png . V archetypeicon mastermind.png
Robotics / Force Field
Mu Mastery
Leaping • Leadership 


Badge Year 10 Veteran.png Who's Counting?

It's been at least ten years since your first edit at Paragon Wiki, and, like fine vintage items, any more anniversaries are just numbers. This'll do.

Badge anniversary 2.png Documenter

Your efforts at documenting the contents of City of Heroes are greatly appreciated. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2007.)

Badge anniversary 3.png Gatherer

You've gathered more bits and bytes, and added them to Paragon Wiki. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2008.)