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The Short Version
Total Altaholic.gif This user suffers from Altitis and possibly Altsheimers as well. Fortunately for this user, neglect of player characters is not a crime… yet.
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What and Where I Play

Currently, I'm mostly active on Freedom (heroes) and Infinity (villains), with a few other alts scattered about on Virtue and Protector. A not-quite-complete roster of my characters (including my Significant Other's catgirl scrapper, Kyttyn) can be found at the City Game Tracker website, and my/our Badge collections are visible at the City Info Terminal.


All alts are members of the light-medium RP supergroup Young Paragons, or have at least been created with that SG in mind. The supergroup's theme is "teenaged supers", generally ranging in age from 14 to 19 - sort of a COH version of the Teen titans. Most notably:

54933.png Fire Blast/Devices, Technology. Well, "really" he would be a Mutant, but his powers manifested completely uncontrolled; he currently exists in a cryogenically cooled life-support/containment system buried deep underground in an undisclosed location, somewhere outside of Paragon City; the figure seen running around is really just a robotic remote unit, which uses micro-portals to allow his fire-projection powers to be used at a distance from his actual self. Currently, his containment rig is being adapted to a secondary function: a thermal-electric conversion generator, which should have an output capacity measurable in terawatts (the proceeds from which might even manage to pay the maintenance bills). AJ is now sixteen years old. Currently level 20, and working through the storyline in the revamped Faultline. Superspeeder.

54931.png Dark Melee/Regeneration, Magic. A reluctant hero at best; he was rescued from the Circle of Thorns almost too late, and for a long time thought he was partially possessed by an Oranbegan mystic, and that the possession was the sole source of his powers. He has recently discovered, however, that not only is there an ancient Oranbegan inhabiting his body with him ... by a Mu mystic, as well. One of his own distance ancestors, in fact; most of his powers are actually his own, and the interrupted ritual of the Circle mages only served to "throw the switch to on", as it were. He had been kidnapped along with his entire (small) family, and neither his parents, nor his sister, were rescued; he only 'hopes' they're dead, as the alternative is too terrible to consider. Blind-side has been, for some time now, a very bitter youngster, who would have paid almost any price to be rid of his powers. Discovering the Mu soul within him, however, has brought more balance to his outlook on life, and he is beginning to come to terms with his role as a 'hero'. He still has a near-irrational hatred of the Circle of Thorns, however, and takes a still-unhealthy degree of pleasure in inflicting the maximum possible injury on members of that faction. Rendered blind by the investment, BS "Sees" life-energies radiated by living things, as well as the necromantic energies that animate various kinds of undead. This has caused no small amount of confusion for his new friends, because BS usually doesn't notice if someone's costume has changed. In a recent development, BS has learned how to manifest demonic wings, and fly - at present, the only element of his powers in which he takes any pleasure. These wings have continued to develop, and now have a skeletal appearance ... very similar to that of the Spectral Demon Lords. The recent emergence of his Mu ancestry has tinted the membranes of these wings a deep red; he has also begun to manifest the trademark Mu red lightning, although only as a general aura of mystic power, rather than being able to direct it against enemies. Blind-side is fifteen years old, although he looks a bit younger. Currently level 30, working in Croatoa. Flier (hence the wings).

Enema 5.jpg

54930.png Empathy/Archery, Mutant. A "legacy hero" who inherited his powers - and his name and costume - from his grandfather (although he opted not to stick a "II" on the name). The original Medi-Lad could do very little except heal others and himself (ooc note: Empathy/Regeneration, impossible though that is for PCs), but put that to excellent use supporting and assisting other heroes in their endeavors - until his powers, which originated from an overdose of an experimental "super soldier serum", began to become uncontrollable, and he had to retire. The current Medi-Lad lacks the self-regenerative powers, but appears to have inherited a more stable form of his grandfathers' powers. With some talent with archery, as well as - originally through his grandfather - a loose connection to Manticore, the new Medi-Lad elected to do his part, and take up the now-family-tradition (and name). Medi-Lad is barely fourteen years old, irrepressibly cheerful, and utterly convinced that "good always wins in the end". Currently level 15, a Teleporter. (ooc note: at my request, M-L was granted the Developer Temporary Title Enema Arrow Test Subject by Manticore during the COH second anniversary party, which in turn gave me my avatar on the forums, which you can see to the right, here.)

The Pwninat0r is a Invulnerability/Super Strength Technology Tanker, inspired heavily by a character from the animated series Invader Zim - Dib's sister, specifically. She's a thirteen-year-old girl, obsessed with FPS "deathmatch" style games, piloting the hulkingly-huge suit of power armor built by her wheelchair-bound twin brother. And yes, she chose the name herself, much to her brother's chagrin. Only level 4, but a funny enough concept that I wanted to share, anyway. ]]


54929.png Robotics/Force Field; Technology. This is my main character. Very sketchy background, as he wasn't made for an RP group - but in brief, a former Police / Corrections robot control unit ordered to "eliminate crime at its source", whose malfunctioning AI ascertained that the source fo crime was humanity itself, and ultimately, biological life. Thus, Core now seeks to sterilise the world, and give rise to a Machine Utopia. In other words: your basic psychotic, mad robot bent on world extermination. Currently level 38. Teleporter. NOTE: the name is now "Core Protocol", but I haven't updated Core's entry with CIT yet ... the server move ended up including a free rename.


No VG membership to speak of - lots of "VG of one" activity here.

55103.png Mind Control/Psionic Assault; Science. She is the ghastly product of research aimed at making a psychic super-spy. From the neck down, she has "hawt chik" written all over her ... from the neck UP, however, it's "stuff of nightmares": sewn-shut eyes and mouth, exposed-and-wired brain ... Currently level 12. Non-traveller.


71907.png Fire Control/Radiation Emission; Magic. History is a WIP. Concept? Voltron-esque character ... a fifteen-story juggernaught of destruction ("SBR-1" stands for Super Battle Robot One), piloted by a power-ranger-esque sentai ... of mice. Yeah, fifteen mouse stories tall. Maybe six or seven feet, really. Heh.

   (cue stereotypical J-Pop anime-theme-song)
 They fight for TRUTH !
 image of five Power-ranger-esque armored bipedal mice with solemn expressions, right hands raised in a
swear-to-tell-the-whole-truth sort of way
... JUSTICE !! image of same mice, arms akimbo, before a waving flag - very old-TV-Superman-esque ... and a ninety-five pound block of CHEESE !!! kawaii-ified image of selfsame mice, with BIIIIIG eyes, slack jaws, and prominent drooling ... hunched over,
knuckles dragging on the ground, and little hearts floating up and popping all around them
GO, MAUS TITAN SUPER BATTLE ROBOT ONE !!!! Image of the same mice in a charlies-angels-esque "action pose", in front of a scaled-to-them fifteen-story-high
giant robot
... Image of a generic "small" dog, some three stories high, chasing an apparently car-sized tennis ball between the
robot's legs, while the Mice look frustrated/flustered
(launch full theme song, with lyrics)

Yeah. Like I said ... Punny. Very, very punny.


60034.png Empathy/Dark Blast. On hold, hoping for the side-switching we were promised with COV launch ...

55099.png My first serious character, he's lain unplayed for over a year now. Elec/Elec.

58321.png ... not really mine, this is my girlfriend's character - yeah, we used to share the account, and this one is still hers. We've just gotten a second account, for some Duo-ing action (see above).

55105.png My token catboy; he's Claws/Ninjutsu, and he's all of twelve years old. Yeah, stereotypical anime pubescent cat-obsessed ninja kid. So sue me. =^x^=

55098.png Elec/Elec, no real history. Just lots of 'SMASH!, hehehe.

Current Wiki Projects

None. Got busy elsewhere, sorry.