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Member of Guardians Of Paragon and Paragon's Darkness on the Virtue server. I play a host of characters on both the hero and villian sides. I only list characters I have reached level 50 on here since I often rework a character several times before I finally level them to 50. I often recycle character names when I do this. Any character below level 30 on my account is subject to be scrapped and rebuilt. Above 30 characters that I find a flaw in I often respec.

I also like to try builds that people claim are doomed to fail because I wish to see first hand why others are so negative about them. The other thing I like to do is find out why these "Flavor Of The Month" builds are popular.

I dislike people who demand I play my characters the way they have deemed they should be, people who act as if everyone else is in CoH/CoV just to serve them, people who demand Speed Boost every 5 seconds, and people who demand to be power leveled. I also dislike beggers and people who can't admit when they screwed up in a group.

I play on Virtue but I'm not a big RPer. While I have nothing against RolePlaying a character, I don't find myself able to really get into it. This however doesn't prevent me from trying when in a group with those who seem to enjoy it. I try to go along as best as I can to not ruin their enjoyment of the experience.

Player Information
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Action Librarian.
Badge vr months 009.png This user is Dependable.
Archetypeicon controller.png This user's main hero is a Controller.

V archetypeicon mastermind.png This user's main villain is a Mastermind.

Archetypeicon blaster.png This user's main hero is a Blaster.

V archetypeicon arachnos soldier.png This user's main villain is an Arachnos Soldier.

Archetypeicon tanker.png This user's main main hero is a Tanker.

V archetypeicon stalker.png This user's main villain is a Stalker.

CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Villains and Heroes on the Virtue server.
CDT This user's time zone is CDT.
Level 50.png This user has one or more Level 50 Heroes and Villains.

Action Librarian
Archetypeicon blaster.pngOriginicon mutation.png
Nickname: AL
Level: 50
Archetype: Blaster
Origin: Mutation
Primary Power: Energy
Secondary Power: Energy
Travel Power: Fly, Speed, Teleport

Valqris Darkstar
V archetypeicon mastermind.pngOriginicon magic.png
Nickname: Val
Level: 50
Archetype: Mastermind
Origin: Magic
Primary Power: Necromacy
Secondary Power: Dark Miasma
Travel Power: Fly, Speed

Baron Von Braun
V archetypeicon arachnos soldier.pngOriginicon natural.png
Nickname: Baron
Level: 50
Archetype: Acrachnos Soilder
Origin: Natural
Primary Power: Crab Spider Soilder
Secondary Power: Crab Spider Training
Travel Power: Fly

Archetypeicon controller.pngOriginicon mutation.png
Nickname: Q
Level: 50
Archetype: Controller
Origin: Mutation
Primary Power: Fire
Secondary Power: Kinetics
Travel Power: Speed

Thadious Blaylock
V archetypeicon stalker.pngOriginicon mutation.png
Nickname: Thad
Level: 50
Archetype: Stalker
Origin: Mutation
Primary Power: Ninja Blade
Secondary Power: Will Power
Travel Power: Speed, Super Jump, Teleport

Archetypeicon tanker.pngOriginicon mutation.png
Nickname: Big Redneck
Level: 40
Archetype: Tanker
Origin: Mutation
Primary Power: Stone
Secondary Power: Super Strength
Travel Power: Speed,Teleport


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