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I play City of Villains. Surprise. Also, I've made some contributions to Paragon Wiki.

Pretty Pictures

Gerbits Face.png Kung-Fu Jesus Face.png Operative Varenkov Face.png Rushovski Face.png
Gerbits Kung-Fu Jesus Operative Varenkov Rushovski



Name Archetype Origin Primary Powers Secondary Powers
Barkbeard Dominator Magic Plant Control Thorny Assault
A Scottish druid and ecoterrorist. With a beard.
The Dastardly Gentleman Stalker Magic Ninja Blade Regeneration
An assassin with a katana, top hat, and a penchant for not freakin' dying.
Gaybeard Brute Natural Dual Blades Willpower
A jolly ol' pirate, and even though he's gay that doesn't mean he's gay.
Gerbits Brute Mutation Dark Melee Invulnerability
A wolf-man in a suit.
Kung-Fu Jesus Mastermind Magic Ninjas Force Field
Jesus. With Ninjas.
Madam Stiletto Stalker Natural Martial Arts Super Reflexes
Assassinates people with high heels.
Mittens the Kitten Stalker Technology Claws Dark Armor
A cat who became fused with a Nictus and then built himself a robotic body to commit crimes in. In other words, your standard, run-of-the-mill, uninspired character.
Mr. Belial Dominator Magic Mind Control Fiery Assault
An devilish businessman. More devilish than the average businessman.
Mr. Venin Mastermind Natural Thugs Poison
Leader of bunch of thugs with a snake fetish. Or maybe they just name themselves after snakes to sound scary.
Operative Grey Arachnos Soldier Natural Bane Spider Soldier Bane Spider Training
Arachnos operative who is as interesting as her surname suggests.
Operative Varenkov Corruptor Mutation Fire Blast Thermal Radiation
Everybody's second favorite communist! Also know as everybody's favorite communist with breasts!
Rushovski Corruptor Technology Assault Rifle Radiation Emission
Everybody's favorite communist!
Tyrian Purple Arachnos Widow Natural Night Widow Training Widow Teamwork
Arachnos operative named after a color derived in her home city in Lebanon in remembrance of her birthplace. Also because it's just such a pretty color.
Voz del Diablo Corruptor Magic Sonic Attack Sonic Resonance
Metal, it comes from hell!


Name Archetype Origin Primary Powers Secondary Powers
Bobby Bourgeois Mastermind Technology Mercenaries Traps
Capitalism at its finest.
Operative Flowers Arachnos Widow Natural Fortunata Training Fortunata Teamwork
Arachnos operative named Theodore (Teddy) Bear Flowers. He does woman's work.
The Southern Shadow Mastermind Magic Necromancy Dark Miasma
Dresses like a gentleman, smells like a corpse.


Name Archetype Origin Primary Powers Secondary Powers
Captain Tight Pants Blaster Science Energy Blast Energy Manipulation
Name taken from a quote from Firefly.
Dr. Casa Defender Science Empathy Psychic Blast
Basically, a Mexican Dr. House. Empathy isn't the best name for his power pool.
Foreman Foreman Tanker Natural Willpower War Mace
Foreman is a foreman, and he hits bad guys with a shovel. Kind of like the Shoveler.
Miss Miniskirt Controller Mutation Illusion Control Empathy
Porn star by day, superhero by night. Or the other way around. Whatever fits her schedule.
Robin of the Hood Blaster Technology Archery Devices
Kind of like Robin Hood, but cooler. For instance, he wears a fedora instead of that lame feathered hat Robin Hood wore.
The Slavic Storm Defender Magic Storm Summoning Electrical Blast
Fights crime with the power of Perun!
Sleepy Feet Scrapper Natural Martial Arts Willpower
A martial artist superhero who has narcolepsy.


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