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Find the missing scientists

To Save a Thousand Worlds
Contact Unai Kemen
Zone Paragon City
Level 45-50
Enemies Hydra
Badge Multidimensional
Current Mission
Find the missing scientists
Next Mission
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Something's happened, Character, something bad. A group of Portal Corporation scientists set up a observation post in the dimension of the Hydra Men. Their plan was to stay out of sight and collect data, but something seems to have gone wrong. I can't contact the team at all! I need you to go in there and find those scientists. Don't come back without them.

  • Find the missing scientists

Contact was perfect until just this morning, but suddenly the team's signal went all wonky. I really don't know what to expect.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We still don't know where Portal Corp's scientists are!

Mission Objective(s)

You wish Portal Corporation would keep better track of their scientists.

  • Seek the missing scientists
    • 2 Clues to find

You found only one trace of the missing scientists: their research notes.

Icon clue generic.png
The research team's notes
Though you found no sign of Portal Corporation's researchers in the Hydra Men's dimension, you did find some of their notes. It seems they had been sidetracked from their goal of studying the Hydra Men. Instead, they were focusing all of their attention on the strange dimensional ruptures that sometimes spontaneously crop up, linking two worlds together.

Notable NPCs


V badge Hydra.png Hydra


After exiting the mission you will be awarded

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Multidimensional

The Hydra that lives under Paragon City is rumored to be a refugee from this dimension.


No scientists, huh? But a dimensional rupture the size of a Volkswagen. Well, I think you know what I'm about to tell you. Portal Corporation's scientists are lost somewhere within the multiverse. Lucky I've got you to help me find them.