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Underground Trader

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The Underground Trader in the Resistance Hub

The Underground Trader is a Auction House for Praetorians. For more information on what Auction Houses are and how to use them, see Auction House.


There is only one Underground Trader:

Underground Imperial - Marcus and Cerys
In the north-east corner of the Resistance Hub in Underground Imperial. Coordinates: (-1007.4, 332.0, -3462.8).


The NPC Underground Trader provides the following helpful speech if you speak with her.

Balloon.png Hey, Character. It ain't much, but this is the Underground Trader. Don't worry, we got everything you need. We have 'connections.'
Underground Trader

If this is your first time in our fine facility, let me explain how it works. We use a 'secret bid' auction. To make a long story short, you set the price for your item, but the Buyer does not see it. The Buyer bids what he wishes to pay and if he meets, or exceeds, your requested price he will receive the item. You may even receive more than you asked for! In order to help the Buyer with a bid, there is a history of how much that item has sold for in the past.

You have a limited number of Transaction Slots so whether you are selling or buying, you may only participate in a few transactions at any given time. In the beginning, you have a small number of Transaction Slots; however, you will gain more through experience. The amount of slots you have is based on your Security Level.

You can sell (or buy) Salvage, all Enhancements, Recipes, and Inspirations.

Now this trading business is not free and we do have two types of fees. There is a Listing Fee, which is 5% of the price you list your item for. The minimum listing fee is 5 Information. You get this fee back if you sell your item. There is also a Transaction Fee of 10% of the final sale price, which is deducted at the time of purchase. The 5% you paid when you listed the item is subtracted from the Transaction Fee. You will use your Information to pay for these transactions.

Please be aware that you will lose your listing fee if your item does not sell. Also, you may put up a 'looking to buy' order. Your items will stay up for sale indefinitely, as long as you are active in the community. If you disappear for 60 days or more, your items will be lost.

As a thank you for using our services, there are special badges associated with being a power seller! Some of these badges actually increase your transaction inventory size. That's about it.