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Time's Arrow

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From the Task Force "Time's Arrow", given by Imperious.

Souvenir's Text

Time's Arrow

You look down at the broken helm of your enemy and are reminded of the events you've come to know as. . .

Time's Arrow

Romulus Augustus was once the tyrannical emperor of a land called Cimerora. He took the throne from Imperious, the rightful leader, through the help of the 5th Column and the Nictus.

In exchange for their support, Romulus gave his new subjects to the 5th Column and the Nictus to do with what they would. This group's end goal was to establish temporal strongholds throughout time. Their primary assault was to be on Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. They had built giant colossi that could only be powered by what they called Incarnates. The two Incarnates they had in mind were Statesman and Lord Recluse. If these colossi were brought to life, there would be nothing that would stop them from taking over all of time.

You arrived to staging ground just as Romulus Augustus joined with the Nictus. The combined power was more than you had ever faced in a single person. Romulus fought with all the dark forces of the Nictus and, in the end, you wondered what forces must have been coursing through your veins to stop him.

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