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Thorn Blades

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Circle of Thorns Weapon

Thorn Blade

These demon-forged swords contain a pulsing aura of angry menace.[1][2] The pulse is so strong that it can be felt by simply grabbing the weapon.[2] They teleport away upon their owner's defeat.[3]

The Thorn Blades were the first gift from the Prince of Demons to the Circle of Thorns during the war with the Mu: demon-swords that turned men into blood-frenzied monsters. Armed with these, the Oranbegans turned the tide, and the slaughter was indescribable.[1]

Since then, the Oranbegans long ago gained the secrets of their making, just as they now have better methods of binding demons to their will, but the ceremonial import of the gift of these blades is still important, due to the vanity of fiends, and their love of ritual. A gift of Thorn Blades was the first step in the bargain then, and it would likely be the first step in a new one.[1]

The Thorn Blades' source seems to be the Thorn Tree in the Nerva Archipelago. It is unknown if others sources exist.[4]

Despite the effects mentioned in those who wield then, there are no apparent effects in-game for those Circle mystics who wield them.

Today, the Thorn Swords can still be found in the hands of the Defenders and Thorn Wielders in two variants, one more powerful than the other.

Villain CoTThornSword.png Thorn Sword Melee, 75% Lethal/25% Negative, Foe Slow
The Thorn Sword poisons its victims with negative energy to slow them.[5]

Villain CoTThornSword.png Greater Thorn Sword Melee, Lethal/Negative, Foe Slow
The Greater Thorn Sword poisons its victims with negative energy to slow them.[6]

In game a player may unlock the Thorn Blade for his sword user character by gaining the Soul Binder Badge.


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