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Thermite Cannon

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The Thermite Plasma Cannon is a Rikti weapon. The Plasma is relatively cool, and only moderately dangerous. However, it has be discovered that Thermite Plasma is deadly to the Hydra. It is best to save the weapon's limited charges for defeating the Hydra.

How to Get

To obtain this temporary power click on a crate in the Abandoned Sewers Trial assigned by Mairenn MacGregor.

Power Summary

Duration 90 minutes in-game or 99 charges
Effects Ranged Cone
Moderate Damage over Time (Plasma)
Special Damage vs. Hydra


  • The Thermite Cannon will 8 rounds of fire damage. Against Hydra creatures, it will do additional 'Plasma' damage, which is about 3 times as much as the fire damage.
  • The Thermite Cannon will not harm the Hydra head. Only the Particle Cannon can do that.

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