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The many frowns and smiles of Katie Douglas

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From the Story Arc "Means and Ends" given by Mistress Maria.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 29-35.

Souvenir's Text

The many frowns and smiles of Katie Douglas

There is just something about this girl that makes her special. Perhaps it is the hardships she has faced alone, or together at your side, or the duality of so many facets of her existance. Either way, whenever you think of Katie Douglas you can't help but remember her face sullen with anger one minute and then beaming with joy the next. Just another example of her charming dual nature. Thinking of her you reflect that everything in life is just a series of:

Means And Ends

Vanessa DeVore had promised that Katie Douglas would be released from the Seer Network after the threat of the Talons was ended. Vanessa had tasked Mistress Maria with monitoring Katie in the network, and it was she who told you it was time to get Katie out. You went to the Seer Network to do just that, but when you arrived it quickly became apparent that things in First Ward were changing, and not necessarily for the best.

Unstable tears in reality were pulling the spirits of the dead into the world of the living, and they wandered the facility aimlessly, along with more hostile apparitions. But most concerning was that there was no sign of Katie Douglas or any other living entity. It was as if they had been swallowed up by the realm of the dead. That's when you met Whispering Coyote, a spirit animal from the Netherworld.

Whispering Coyote lead you through to The Night Ward, a pseudo dimension halfway between the worlds of the living and the dead. There you encountered the Drudges; terrible denizens of the Netherworld whose job it is to usher souls on to their afterlife. The Drudges do not take kindly to outsiders and indicated their displeasure of your presence quite strongly.

You eventually found Katie being held captive by the Drudges and were able to rescue her, fulfilling Vanessa's promise to get her out.

Mistress Maria informed you that the means to fixing the fabric that separates worlds lay within the Midnight Mansion. With Katie rescued, the means of entering the mansion was once more available, if she could be convinced to help. Katie reflected on her recent experiences and ultimately agreed to help under the condition that you didn't owe each other anything. Together you teleported to the Midnight Mansion and discovered that the spirit realm had its own set of problems.

The spells that permeated every square inch of the Midnight Mansion had gained a life of their own and began to act chaotically. You searched the mansion for something that might help solve the calamity befalling two realities when you came face to face with one Montague Castanella; the former head of the Midnight Squad.

He, along with the rest of the Midnighters, had been killed and reanimated as zombie slaves by Master Midnight (aka Percy Winkley) long ago. With Master Midnight's death, however, they had been released from their fate and regained much of their former memory. What they awoke to, Montague explained, was the chaos of living spells besieging the Midnight Mansion from within. You agreed to work together with Montague in undoing the turmoil plaguing both the living and the dead. With a frown and a smile Katie left you in this new realm trapped somewhere between the worlds of the living and the dead. A place that those souls trapped within it call: The Night Ward.

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