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Mistress Maria

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Mistress Maria
Mistress Maria.jpg
Carnival of Light Mistress
Zone First Ward
Coordinates (-2457, 83, 78)
Level Range 29-39
Introduced By None
Introduces Montague Castanella
Enemy Groups V badge Apparition.png Apparitions
V badge Drudges.png Drudges
V badge Arcana.png Animus Arcana
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Mistress Maria is a Praetorian contact in the Mercyview neighborhood of First Ward at coordinates (-2457, 83, 78).  Her level range is 29-39. She is standing behind a tombstone. Mistress Maria is the first contact in the Night Ward string of contacts.


Contact Introduced By

None; Mistress Maria is introduced by contact popup at the appropriate level.

Contact Introduces


Carnival of Light Mistress

Mistress Maria is one of the talented mystics who serve as leaders of the Praetorian Carnival of Light, and is one of Vanessa DeVore's most trusted friends. As such, when Vanessa needed to send one of her people to Primal Earth to recruit prospective assistance in First Ward, Maria was at the top of the list. She now stands vigil along the cliffs of New Corinth, maintaining the link to Praetoria while awaiting the arrival of those willing to aid the Carnival in First Ward.

Prior to Introduction

I'm afraid that you must grow in power before we can continue our good works together.

Contact Unlocked

Badge question mark.png
Mistress Maria

Mistress Maria in First Ward requests your aid.

Mistress Maria of the Carnival of Light requests your aid regarding events in First Ward, saying that it is time to 'tie up some loose ends'.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window.

Initial Contact

Character, you have arrived. I have been tasked with resolving the issue of the woman known as Katie Douglas. We will make sure that she is not lost to the world like so many others were.


  • Let us get to the task.

Too Busy

You have too many threads relying on you right now, Character. Come back when you've freed yourself.

No More Missions

We are done, Character. I wish you luck in your future works.

Too High Level

I must focus, Character, please come back later.

Story Arc

Means And Ends

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.


The many frowns and smiles of Katie Douglas

There is just something about this girl that makes her special. Perhaps it is the hardships she has faced alone, or together at your side, or the duality of so many facets of her existance. Either way, whenever you think of Katie Douglas you can't help but remember her face sullen with anger one minute and then beaming with joy the next. Just another example of her charming dual nature. Thinking of her you reflect that everything in life is just a series of:

Means And Ends

Vanessa DeVore had promised that Katie Douglas would be released from the Seer Network after the threat of the Talons was ended. Vanessa had tasked Mistress Maria with monitoring Katie in the network, and it was she who told you it was time to get Katie out. You went to the Seer Network to do just that, but when you arrived it quickly became apparent that things in First Ward were changing, and not necessarily for the best.

Unstable tears in reality were pulling the spirits of the dead into the world of the living, and they wandered the facility aimlessly, along with more hostile apparitions. But most concerning was that there was no sign of Katie Douglas or any other living entity. It was as if they had been swallowed up by the realm of the dead. That's when you met Whispering Coyote, a spirit animal from the Netherworld.

Whispering Coyote lead you through to The Night Ward, a pseudo dimension halfway between the worlds of the living and the dead. There you encountered the Drudges; terrible denizens of the Netherworld whose job it is to usher souls on to their afterlife. The Drudges do not take kindly to outsiders and indicated their displeasure of your presence quite strongly.

You eventually found Katie being held captive by the Drudges and were able to rescue her, fulfilling Vanessa's promise to get her out.

Mistress Maria informed you that the means to fixing the fabric that separates worlds lay within the Midnight Mansion. With Katie rescued, the means of entering the mansion was once more available, if she could be convinced to help. Katie reflected on her recent experiences and ultimately agreed to help under the condition that you didn't owe each other anything. Together you teleported to the Midnight Mansion and discovered that the spirit realm had its own set of problems.

The spells that permeated every square inch of the Midnight Mansion had gained a life of their own and began to act chaotically. You searched the mansion for something that might help solve the calamity befalling two realities when you came face to face with one Montague Castanella; the former head of the Midnight Squad.

He, along with the rest of the Midnighters, had been killed and reanimated as zombie slaves by Master Midnight (aka Percy Winkley) long ago. With Master Midnight's death, however, they had been released from their fate and regained much of their former memory. What they awoke to, Montague explained, was the chaos of living spells besieging the Midnight Mansion from within. You agreed to work together with Montague in undoing the turmoil plaguing both the living and the dead. With a frown and a smile Katie left you in this new realm trapped somewhere between the worlds of the living and the dead. A place that those souls trapped within it call: The Night Ward.

Part One: Past Debts Due


Character, it is time to do the things left undone in Sorceress Serene's wake. I think we can both agree that the first thing we should do is release poor Katie Douglas from the Seer Network.

She will need a familiar face to regain her bearings and I think you would do well to be the one to release her.

  • Agreed.

Good, I only hope that once released she is willing to help me study some strange psychic disturbances I've been sensing. First Ward has always had strange psychic activity, especially with the arrival of the Vortex, but this is both familiar and strange at the same time. That these disturbances started following Serene's death cannot be a coincidence.

I will continue looking for a pattern in these disturbances, but I could certainly use Katie's help.

Release Katie Douglas from the Seer Network

Unnecessary Solicitation

The longer Katie stays in the Network, the more apprehensive she will become. She may have the body of an adult, but she still has the mind of a teenage girl. She will not easily forgive what had to be done, even if she knows it was for the best.

Mission Objective(s)


The air in here is absolutely freezing!

  • Release Katie douglas from the Seer Network
    • Access the Network
    • Discover what happened


V badge Apparition.png Apparitions
V badge Drudges.png Drudges

Notable NPCs

  • Investigate the Source of the Dead Memories

You have defeated Tear in Reality.

  • Close the other Tears in Reality

You have defeated Tear in Reality.

  • Access the Network
Contact Small Seer Network Interface.jpg
Seer Network Interface


You access the controls for the Seer Network. The display blinks the number '0.00%' under the word 'Capacity'.

Katie and the rest of Seers appear to have simply disappeared, and in their place, it seems, Apparitions and these tears in reality formed.

  • Query: Location of Seer 1381, Katie Douglas
The Network displays a spinning five-pointed praetorian star for approximately 2 seconds before returning an error message.
Query complete, Seer 1381 is no longer linked to the network.
  • Query: Time of departure from Network for Seer 1381
The Network displays a spinning five-pointed praetorian star for approximately 5 seconds before returning the following message.
Subject: Seer 1381
Name: Katie Douglas
Status: Unknown
Departure: Unknown
Notes: Diagnostic required, unable to receive signal from subject - Seer 1381. Possible maintenance failure. All links to Networked Seers as of this time stamp have failed.
The time stamp appears to be only several minutes old.
  • Query: Current Network Capacity
The Network displays a spinning five-pointed praetorian star for a split-second before returning the following message.
Query complete, Network is currently at 0.00% capacity. Awaiting integration of Seers to network.
  • Access Network Logs
The Network displays a spinning five-pointed praetorian star for about 12 seconds before giving out more information. As you read it over, you hear an odd voice in the distance.
Kiy-yi! You won't find Katie Douglas that way!
  • Who's there?
Contact Small Whispering Coyote.jpg
Whispering Coyote


Ki-yi-yi! I am Whispering Coyote, Blind Makwa's spirit companion. Ki-yi-yi!

Ki-yi! The barrier between worlds has grown weak. The Netherworld is merging with First Ward to create the Night Ward! If it continues, then disaster will befall everyone, ki-yi-yi!

First, you must rescue Katie Douglas, she is the key to it all! I will guide you through the Night Ward to her. A tear is opening now! You must go through it and trust me, ki-yi-yi! Just be careful, the Drudges are here!

  • I suppose I don't have much of a choice...!

Icon clue generic.png
Seer Network Logs
The Seer Network Logs indicate that at some point the Network experienced unauthorized psychic activity. Three minutes later every seer in the network, Katie Douglas included, had disappeared!

The logs are as follows:

Log Entry - Network at 19% Capacity: No Change
Log Entry - Network at 19% Capacity: No Change
Log Entry - Network at 19% Capacity: No Change
Log Entry - Warning, Unauthorized Psychic Activity Detected.
Log Entry - Network at 0% Capacity: Error. Diagnostic Underway.
Log Entry - Diagnostic Complete. Network at 0% Capacity: Seers Disconnected From Network. Authorization For Disconnect Unknown. Whereabouts Unknown. Log Submitted To Praetor Tilman. Network Entering Standyby Mode.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Release Katie Douglas from the Seer Network
    • Enter the portal into Night Ward
    • Go with Whispering Coyote to Katie Douglas

Something mysterious is happening and you aren't exactly sure who or what is behind it. Return to Mistress Maria to get to the bottom of this mystery.


You did it! I can sense Katie's mind once more, but the spirit world is merging closer to our own with every heartbeat, Character.

I spoke with Blind Makwa, and according to him, Whispering Coyote believes that the secret to stopping the transition lies within the Midnight Mansion... well now it seems we have recovered our means to return there, assuming Katie is willing to help.

Finale: With Midnight's Passing Comes a New Dawn


You need to talk to Katie and get into the Midnight Mansion so we can find a way to reverse whatever is happening. I only hope the Midnight Masters fell when Percy Winkley sacrificed himself, otherwise that place will be filled with hostile sorcerers. Though, who knows what effect his death might have had on them.

  • What am I looking for?

We don't quite know, but the Mansion holds the single greatest remaining collection of magical knowledge that we are aware of. If there is a way to reverse this, it will be found in there.

Search the Midnight Mansion for answers

Unnecessary Solicitation

Talk to Katie Douglas, she can transport you into the Midnight Mansion. Once inside you've got to find some way of stopping this madness that Serene started.


Katie appears to be heavily preoccupied as you approach, but then looks to you expectantly.

I know. You need me to take you to the Midnight Mansion so we can find a way to stop our world from turning into... into whatever that place was and whatever those... those things were... Ugh, so gross!

Katie makes a dramatic gagging sound to accentuate her displeasure at her brief trip to the Netherworld and her horrific encounter with its denizens, the Drudges.

Listen, about the Network... I get it, you did it for my own good...

Katie pauses and reflects.

All of our good, really... but I still don't have to like it. I know you make tough choices every day, but I'm still trying to catch up to all the choices that were stolen from me...

So this is my choice... I'm going to help you get into the mansion, so you can help the world, but that's my choice.

Katie studies you as her words sink in. I don't want to owe anyone anything, Character, so after this, consider us even, ok?

  • Even. Let's go. (Start Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


You materialize inside of the Midnight Mansion, but already you can tell that something has gone terribly awry.

  • Search the Midnight Mansion for answers
    • Search for answers

You discovered new allies in the Midnight Masters, freed from Master Midnight's control!


V badge Arcana.png Animus Arcana

Notable NPCs

  • Talk to Montague Castanella


Who are you? How did you breach the Mansion's defenses?

  • I'm Character, and it wasn't easy...

I gathered it wasn't... Oh, I do apologize for my rather horrifying manner and appearance, good sir / my lady.

It appears that my, erhm, physical body has been, well, reanimated and I am rather unsure of exactly why or how. You see, the last thing I can clearly recall is being betrayed and murdered by one of my colleagues and now, well... now there is the chaos of the magic of this place going absolutely completely mad.

I don't suppose you can shed some light on the situation?

  • I'm afraid I just got here myself.

Most perplexing... Pretty much every spell woven into this place has become...

Montague pauses for a few moments to select the right words.

...well, having actually conversed with them I wouldn't exactly call them intelligent, they act more like children. The facts are that this place is in absolute chaos and before I can fix anything, I need to know what in blazes has happened!

Firstly, and most importantly, where is that traitor Percy Winkley, and how is it that the whole of the Midnight Squad appears to have been transformed into reanimated corpses?

  • (Explain everything you know)

Montague takes a few moments to process all of this before he forces himself to let out a heavy sigh.

Then my theory has come to pass. The fabric between worlds has frayed and the realms of the living and the dead are merging.

Character, this is both exciting and frightening, depending on your stance on magic, but understand this; the rules governing life and death are no longer as clearly defined as they once were.

If you are indeed aiming to restore the balance and undo the damage done, then I would be honored to lend you my expertise.

  • I'll consider it.

Very well. It would be wise for your friend, Katie, to return to whence she came. I cannot guarantee her safety here inside the Midnight Mansion until we've dealt with these Animus Arcana, or living spells if you prefer.

See Katie off and then we can discuss things further in the Mansion grounds. I'd like to show you exactly where and what we are dealing with.

  • I'll meet you in the Mansion grounds then.

I dare say things have gone quite askew in the absence of myself and the other Midnighters. We certainly have our work cut out for us!

  • Talk to Katie Douglas


Katie looks at you with anticipation. So, are we done here or what?

  • We're done Katie, but I'm staying.

Katie gives you a perplexed look and starts to speak, but then catches the reasoning in your mind. Right... I guess I don't owe you anything more, so if we're done and you're staying, I'll be off.

The slightest hint of a frown is quickly replaced by a smile as Katie nods her agreement to your decision.

See you around, Character... just, uh, don't get yourself killed, ok?

  • Take care, Katie. (Go to Night Ward)

Speak with Montague Castanella

Unnecessary Solicitation

You've spoken with who? Montague?! That is great news!

Return to him at the Midnight Mansion, he will be able to help you in undoing the chaos emerging from the spirit world more so than I at this point.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Montague Castanella


If I had to hazard a guess, you are probably the only ally of the Midnighters at this time. My memories are hazy, but slowly returning... and the nightmares I recall have made few friends for Percy and the Midnighters.

Such villainy in that boy, but so much potential, I don't know what transpired within his soul, but I believe he is somehow responsible for these spells. I just can't figure how... yet.

First thing's first. I'd like to retake the mansion back from these Animus Arcana and restore a semblance of order here. The mansions doors are open to you. The Midnighters need your help on this.

  • What's your plan?

At this point, you are introduced automatically to Montague and begin his missions.