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The Soul of the Woodsman

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From the Task Force "The Soul of the Woodsman" given by Numina.

Souvenir's Text

Soul of the Woodsman

Numina. the greatest mystical heroine of our city spoke to you of a disturbance she had sensed somewhere in Paragon City. Her protege Infernal suggested a possible location. and there you were able to free the hero Fatespinner from the Freakshow.

Still sensing something amiss. Numina locked onto a confluence of energy at a Crey facility. Traveling there you discovered records indicating that Crey had been searching for a hero designated only as 'Generation Zero'.

At somewhat of a mystical impasse. Numina contacted Manticore who pointed you at a Nemesis facility. There you discovered a true horror. A young hero called Scout had been captred by Nemesis a generation ago and turned into one of their Warhulks. You freed him from a living death and he implored you with his dying breath to seek the Woodsman.

With a specific target in mind Numina suggested that you speak to MAGI about a locating device of some kind. That lead you to recover the Shard of Kalak from the Circle of Thorns.

After attuning the Shard. Numina set you upon an arduous path to try and locate Woodsman. The Shard tested your resolve greatly. but you managed to locate the area where Woodsman was abiding.

Following the trial. you ended up in a huge cave network where the Devouring Earth was returning the city back to nature. Within these caverns you encountered Jurassik. a huge legendary beast. Defeating this titan enabled you to gather the essence of Woodsman into the Shard, freeing him from the Devouring Earth's.

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