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The Skin of Midas

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From the Story Arc "Midas Touched" given by Dr. Shelly Percey.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

The Skin of Midas

This super hard fragment of skin is beige, not gold. It's a remonder of the twisting tale of medical intrigue you like to think of as

Midas Touched

It all started when Dr. Percey approached you with a problem. She had a patient who might be seriously ill, but the equipment she needed for diagnosis was too pricey. Arachnos had the equipment, but wouldn't share. Naturally, you stole it for her.

Dr. Percey completed her diagnosis, and the results were not good. Her patient, King Midas, was dying. Due to his super hard skin, he couldn't be treated. The good doctor revealed to you Midas' most precious secret: his skin was not gold at all! It was simply harder than diamond and painted for effect. Percey sent you to one of Dr. Aeon's labs, where she hoped you would uncover some clue that would help her develop a treatment for Midas' illness. You uncovered some fragments of Midas' skin, along with some files indicating that Aeon had originally granted Midas his powers.

With the info from Aeon's lab, Dr. Percey was able to begin constructing a cure for King Midas. Unfortunately, Dr. Aeon learned of her findings, and he wanted them for himself. What's more, he had asked Midas himself to dispatch men to confiscate the materials! Midas had no idea he was sending troops to steal the very formula that might save his life; Dr. Percey had been afraid to tell him of the seriousness of his condition. And so you went to Dr. Percey's lab to save her data.

You defeated Midas' men, and saved Dr. Percey's work. But in the end, you had to wonder. The findings you saved as Dr. Percey's lab indicated that Midas' symptoms had begun after you stole the medical equipment from Arachnos. And you remembered her fascination with all beings super-powered. Could Percey herself have engineered the disease, along with it's cure, simply as an experiment?

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