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The Renegade Dossier

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From the Story Arc "War and Peacebringers" given by Sunstorm.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

The Renegade Dossier

The names are plainly listed in this dossier: Coldstar. Moonbow. Lightburner. FullAlbedo. Brightshift. 5 Peacebringers. 5 Renegades. 5 Names that will live in infamy among Peacebringer and Warshade alike. You've kept this dossier on the 5 Peacebringers who all went renegade to remind you of a dirty incident in Peacebringer history you recall as:

War and Peacebringers.

It all started when Sunstorm asked you to investigate the recent disappearance of several Peacebringers. you spoke with Shadowstar, who told you that the Circle of Thorns had shown some interest in Kheldians. The mystic in charge of that project had recently escaped from Zigursky Prison, so you pressed on Circle mystics on the streets to track him down.

You found and defeated the Circle mystic Aeoch, but he told you that he had nothing to do with the missing Peacebringers. However, Aeoch did point you towards a Lt. Morely of the Council, who was researching Warshade movements and organization under Requiem's orders.

You investigated the base, and found not only Lt. Morely and his report on Warshade activity, but Coldstar, one of the missing Peacebringers. Instead of thanking you for the rescue, Coldstar called you a traitor and attacked!

After his capture, Coldstar claimed that all the missing Peacebringers had started working with the Council to wipe out the Warshades, who they thought were a threat to the resolve of the Peacebringers in the war against Nictus. To see if he was telling the truth, you investigated the location where Coldstar had said that Moonbow, another of the missing Peacebringers, was supposed to be. Moonbow's attack confirmed it, as did a list of the renegades. The list also had the name of a 5th rogue!

Now that you had a list of the Renegades, you went to Shadowstar so that she could warn the Warshades. She told you with mounting horror that the 5th Rogue, Lightburner, had taken Shadowstar's daughter, the reporter Lillian Issan, on a mission against the Vahzilok! You followed them and were able to rescue Lillian and defeat the renegade, who revealed that they only wanted Lillian as bait for Shadowstar!

You tracked down the last two rogues, defeating them and putting an end to their plan to assassinate Shadowstar, but many questions remain. Who in the Council was working with the rogues and why? What did Requiem have to do with the operation, and who or what is the mysterious Arakhn? Sunstorm asked you to come back when you were around security level 15 to continue the investigations.

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