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The Midnight Squad

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This article is about the Souvenir. For the Hero Organization, see Midnight Squad.


From the Story Arc "Lost and Found" given by Montague Castanella.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-50.

Souvenir's Text

The Midnight Squad

You look at the drained wand in your hand and are reminded of the events you have come to know as

Lost and Found

Montague Castanella came to you and asked you to rescue Percy Winkley, an adventurous lad who often got in over his head. During his rescue in a Circle of Thorns den, you came across some Lost. Percy told you the Lost were looking for something and the Midnight Squad wanted to know what. This led you to an abandoned office where you found a hole that went deep underground. At the end of that twisting cave, you came to a Rikti research facility and came face to face with Ci'dion, a true Rikti. You learned that the Rikti were attempting to remove magic from the world, thereby eliminating their weakness to it. Something had to be done.

With the help of a Rikti scientist named Argot'BurWot, who was seeking asylum, and the new leader of the Dawn Patrol, a woman named Lady Jane, you and the Midnight Squad began to form a plan. You began gathering the pieces you needed to put together a device that would cure the Lost of the Rikti virus, the Lost Curing Wand.

With the wand in hand, you went to the streets and began returning the Lost to the people they once were. With the Lost cured, the Rikti no longer had any control over them. What will the Rikti do without their Lost running around causing havoc, stealing needed supplies and gathering intelligence for them? What effect will this have on the Rikti army?

Only time will tell.

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