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[edit] [purge] Documentation

StoryArc is used to provide a summary of a story arc. Simple, eh?


This template may be added by pasting the text as shown below into an article, and filling in the details.



Parameter Explanation
Link Link to the page or section of the story arc.
This parameter may be merged into Title, later.
Title Name that appears at the top of this summary
Souvenir Name of this arc's souvenir
Contact Contact name(s) that give this story arc
DoorMissions Number of door missions involved in this arc
Enemies a list of the enemy groups encountered in the course of the arc.
Many enemy groups have templates showing a related badge, such as {{Enemy Outcasts}}
Badge villain outcasts.png Outcasts
Optional (Omit if unused)
Parameter Explanation
KillAll Number of "Defeat All" door missions in this arc.
HuntMissions Number of "defeat this many enemies" missions in this arc.
TalkMissions Number of "talk to X" missions in this arc.
PatrolMissions Number of "patrol this zone" missions in this arc.
EB Name of the elite boss involved in this arc.
AV Name of the arch-villain involved in this arc.
Hero Name of the hero involved in this arc.