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Tears of the Spirit

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From the Story Arc "No One Gets It" given by Arbiter Leery .
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39 .

Souvenir's Text

This glass flask only contains a few drops of liquid, but if rumors are to be believed, those drops are most powerful. In addition, they're a potent reminder of the adventure you like to call:

No One Gets It

It began when Arbiter Leery informed you of a squabble between Ghost Widow and Scirocco. They were battling over an artifact known as the Tears of the Spirit. First, Leery sent you to abduct a Longbow operative who knew the story behind the tears. When you captured Agent Arthur Castle, he admitted the Tears were an item of awesome power. With the proper incantations, they would allow the desires of any person who drinks them to become real.

It was clear that the Tears had to be taken away from the squabbling Arachnos officers. Arbiter Leery sent you to confiscate them from their current holder, Scirocco. However, when you got there, you found Scirocco's troops embroiled in battle with Ghost Widow's Fortunatas. The Tears had already been taken.

Furious, Arbiter Leery declared that the Tears must be destroyed. He sent you to perform this act, but you tricked him. The Tears of the Spirit remain in your possession. Should you ever discover the proper incantations, your power will know no bounds.

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