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Recharge + Activation Time

The following comes from this post on the official forums.

For those that aren't familiar with the PPM formula, it calculates the proc chance based off recharge instead of a flat %. The intention is to slot procs in powers you like to use and not just quick spam T1 attacks. The community accepted formula used for single target attacks is as follows:
[Base Recharge / 60 (secs in a min)] x PPM
This is almost certainly wrong, my tests on beta put the odds of the results I saw given this formula as essentially impossible. For example, in 791 hits with Barb Swipe and a 2.5 PPM ToD proc I saw 134 procs, over 12 standard deviations from the mean expected given a normal approximation of an underlying binomial distribution with the proc chance given by the above formula. Another 491 hits with the 3 PPM Mako proc produced 102 procs, 11+ sdev off itself. And that's just the last two test sets I ran to test the hypothesis that it's actually...
(Base Recharge + Cast) / 60s x PPM
With that formula every single one of my test series fell within the 95% confidence interval and the total testing over 2768 hits was 0.38 sdev high.

The information posted by Kosmos seems to be confirmed by the folks who work on Mids, which is good enough for me, barring direct contradiction from empirical testing or the development team. I've changed the wording in this article accordingly. There is also some information presented in the thread about the AoE formula, but I don't presently have time to work that into the article. Draeth Darkstar 22:20, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

We're pretty sure we've got the formula for AoE, though when we tested Cone we found it to be broken. In Issue 23 at least it was said to be fixed, but we haven't run any additional tests since then. --GuyPerfect 00:30, 17 April 2012 (UTC)

Issue 24 Numbers

For the future:

All Procs become PPM.


  • 5% Procs = 1 PPM
  • 10% Procs = 1.5 PPM
  • 15% Procs = 2 or 2.5 PPM
  • 20% Procs = 3 PPM
  • 33% Procs = 4.5 PPM

All PPMs are expected to increase by ~25%.

Base Recharge will no longer be considered in the PPM formula. Enhanced Recharge will be used. This value is Base Recharge / (1 + Decimal Value of Recharge Enhancements Slotted). Alpha Boosts are counted as Enhancements Slotted. All forms of global Recharge are ignored, including Self/External Buffs (Speed Boost, Hasten, ETC) and IO Set Bonuses.

Area Factor will be treated as 1 + 0.75*(Actual Area Factor - 1), where Actual Area Factor = (1 + 0.15*Radius - 0.011*Radius*(360-Arc)/30))


I24 Proc Chance = (Enhanced Recharge + Activation Time) * (Current PPM * 1.25) / 60*(1 + 0.75*(0.15*Radius - 0.011*Radius*(360-Arc)/30))
Single Target Radius = 0. AoE Non-Cone Arc = 360.
Simplified for Single Target: I24 Proc Chance = (Enhanced Recharge + Activation Time) * (Current PPM * 1.25) / 60
Simplified for Circular (read: anything that isn't a Cone) AoE: I24 Proc Chance = (Enhanced Recharge + Activation Time) * (Current PPM * 1.25) / 60*(1 + 0.75*(0.15*Radius))

--Draeth Darkstar 17:29, 26 April 2012 (UTC)