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"What the heck is this one?"

I think I know what a few of those are:

  • PreventPetIconDrag - dragging pet commands from your pet window to your power tray, maybe?
  • ChatDisablePetSay - there's an option for hiding chat from other players' pets, that might be this option.
  • ChatEnablePetTeamSay - if the option is set to hide chat from other players' pets, this probably overrides that setting for pets belonging to players on your team.
  • ContactSort - likely the sort order selected in your contact window (i.e. zone).
  • MousePitchSetting - probably either the Mouse Movement or Look Up and Down setting from the options window.
  • MapOptions - likely reflects the options selected in the Options dropdown menu on the map window.

Obviously we'll want to check these out with some testing to confirm.

--Eabrace 06:51, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

Architect Options

Now that Issue 16 has released, I think it might be time to update this list with post-Issue 14 options. :D

I'd do so myself but I (re)discovered this article just at a time when I have no access to the game. Oy!

Also, in the interests of completeness, I'd love to have the actions of each option more explicitly defined - for example, I believe the MouseScrollSpeed setting is given in lines scrolled; the ___Fade settings are given in seconds; and so on. I seem to recall that the 'various options' for options with multiple settings such as MapOptions and ShowPlayerRating are given in (an)other article(s), but it might be a good idea to include/link them here for easier reference. --Rugiel 10:53, 21 January 2010 (UTC)