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Symbols have a hierarchy. If a power does damage and has a mez effect, the mez icon would be used.

If one effect of a power is much stronger than the other, the primary effect's icon is used. Frozen Armor provides defense and resistance, but the primary effect of the power is to provide defense. The defense symbol is used.

Control trumps buff/debuff trumps resist/defense trumps damage.

There are a couple of specific things that trump one another in the same general category.

Compound symbols (see below) trump standard icons.

Hold trumps disorient trumps sleep trumps immobilize.

Increase recharge speed (Hasten) trumps increase run speed (Swift).

Running trumps jumping trumps flying.

Healing trumps endurance.

Defense trumps resistance.

Damage trumps accuracy if the power's effect is equal.

Knockback/up/down sometimes trumps other control powers even when it is not the strongest effect.

Instant and Persistent / Buffs and Debuffs

Buff/debuffs have two main types of symbols. One is an arc, the other is a triangle. Buff/debuffs with the triangle have an instant effect. Buffs/debuffs with an arc have persistant effects. A triangle or arc at the top of the icon means a buff. A triangle at the bottom of the icon means a debuff. The exchange symbol is only used when the two things being affected are the same. Powers that buff/debuff multiple aspects should be using the icons found in Powers like Equip Thugs, Tactical Upgrade and Serum. Usage of which icon depends on the strength of the buff/debuff.

Compound Symbols

A few of the symbols used in power icons are combinations of two or more icon graphics. Some of the best examples of this are the power icons for Unchain Essence (defeated plus damage), Invincibility (defense plus accuracy/to hit plus buff) and Shiver (slow recharge plus slow movement). Many, many of the powers currently in the game could use compound icons to replace the current graphic. For example, Dark Extraction could use the defeated plus single pet summon icon. Stygian Circle could use the defeated plus heal buff icon.

Some of the images in the table below are not found in the game, but are provided for reference purposes.

Icon Table

Icon Type Icon Notes
Buff, Accuracy Buff, Accuracy.png Persistent accuracy or tohit buff.
Buff, Damage Buff, Damage.png Persistent damage buff.
Buff, Defense Buff, Defense.png Persistent defense buff.
Buff, Defense, Area of Effect Buff, Defense, AoE.png Persistent buff to area of effect defense.
Buff, Defense, Energy and Negative Energy Buff, Defense, Energy and Negative Energy.png Persistent buff to energy and negative energy defense.
Buff, Defense, Fire and Cold Buff, Defense, Fire and Cold.png Persistent buff to fire and cold defense.
Buff, Defense, Melee Buff, Defense, Melee.png Persistent buff to melee defense.
Buff, Defense, Psionic Persistent buff to psionic defense.
Buff, Defense, Ranged Buff, Defense, Range.png Persistent buff to ranged defense.
Buff, Defense, Smashing and Lethal Buff, Defense, Smashing and Lethal.png Persistent buff to smashing and lethal defense.
Buff, Defense and To-Hit Buff, Defense and Accuracy.png To-Hit and defense granting buff.
Buff, Hit Points Buff, Hit Points.png Hit point granting buff.
Buff, Hit Points, Defeated Buff, Hit Points, Defeated.png Hit point granting buff that requires a defeated target.
Buff, Hit Points, Timed Buff, Hit Points, Timed.png Hit point buff for a fixed period of time.
Buff, Endurance Buff, Endurance.png Endurance granting buff.
Buff, Instant A buff that provides an instant benefit.
Buff, Jump, Height Buff, Jump, Height.png Jump height buff.
Buff, Mega Buff, Mega.png Potent buff to multiple attributes with trade-offs after power expires.
Buff, Multiple Buff, Multiple.png Persistent buff to multiple attributes.
Buff, Multiple, Defeated Buff, Multiple, Defeated.png Persistent buff to multiple attributes that requires a defeated target.
Buff, Persistent Buff, Persistent.png A buff that remains after the power has activated.
Buff, Range Buff, Range.png Persistent range buff.
Buff, Recharge Buff, Recharge.png Buff that increases the recharge speed of a targets' powers.
Buff, Recovery Buff, Recovery.png Persistent recovery buff.
Buff, Regeneration Buff, Regeneration.png Persistent regeneration buff.
Buff, Run Speed Buff, Run Speed.png Increases the run speed of a power.
Buff, Secondary Effects Buff, Secondary Effects.png Buffs heals, defense buffs, endurance drains, disorients, holds, immobilizes, knockbacks and more.
Confusion Confuse.png Confuse control effect.
Damage Damage.png Damage power.
Damage, Assassination Damage, Assassination.png An interuptable melee power that does extra damage when hidden.
Damage, Chaining Damage, Chaining.png A power that does damage to one target and has the chance "jump" to do damage to another target.
Damage, Defeated Damage, Defeated.png Power that requires a defeated target to work.
Damage, Extreme Damage, Extreme.png Power with extreme damage.
Damage, Melee, Heavy Damage, Melee, Heavy.png Power with heavy melee damage.
Damage, Melee, Minor Damage, Melee, Minor.png Power with minor melee damage.
Damage, Melee, Moderate Damage, Melee, Moderate.png Power with moderate melee damage.
Damage, Melee, Over Time Damage, Melee, Over Time.png Melee power that does damage over time.
Damage, Melee, Superior Damage, Melee, Superior.png Power with superior melee damage.
Damage, Over Time Damage, Over Time.png Power that does damage over time.
Damage, Ranged, Heavy Damage, Ranged, Heavy.png Ranged damage power that does heavy damage.
Damage, Ranged, Minor, Fast Damage, Ranged, Minor.png Minor damage ranged power that has a recharge of fast.
Damage, Ranged, Minor, Very Fast Damage, Ranged, Minor, Very Fast.png Minor damage ranged power that has a recharge of very fast.
Damage, Ranged, Moderate Damage, Ranged, Moderate.png Ranged damage power that does moderate damage.
Damage, Ranged, Short Damage, Ranged, Short.png Ranged damage power with decreased range.
Damage, Ranged, Sniper Damage, Sniper.png An interuptable ranged damage power with increased range.
Damage, Weapon Damage, Weapon.png Power that creates a weapon from one of the four classic elements (air, earth, fire, ice).
Damage, Weapon, Greater Damage, Weapon, Greater.png Power that creates a superior weapon from one of the four classic elements (air, earth, fire, ice).
Debuff, Accuracy Debuff, Accuracy.png Accuracy or to-hit debuff.
Debuff, Damage Debuff, Damage.png Persistent damage debuff.
Debuff, Defense Debuff, Defense.png Persistent defense debuff.
Debuff, Endurance Debuff, End.png Endurance debuff.
Debuff, Hit Points Debuff, Hit Points.png Hit point debuff.
Debuff, Instant Debuff that has an instant effect.
Debuff, Mez Debuff, Mez.png Debuff to control-type powers..
Debuff, Multiple Debuff, Multiple.png Debuff to multiple attributes.
Debuff, Perception Debuff, Perception.png Persistent perception debuff.
Debuff, Persistent Debuff, Persistent.png A debuff with persistent effects.
Debuff, Recovery Debuff, Recovery.png Persistent recovery debuff.
Debuff, Regeneration Debuff, Regeneration.png Persistent regeneration debuff.
Debuff, Resistance Persistent resistance debuff.
Disorient Disorient.png Disorient control effect.
Effect Over Time A power that has an effect over a period of time.
Endurance Endurance.png Endurance related power.
Exchange Exchange.png A power that exchanges the same attribute between caster and target..
Fear Fear.png Fear control effect.
Fly Flight.png Flight related power.
Force Bubble Force Bubble.png Power that prevents foes from entering and remaining in melee range.
Hold Hold.png Hold control effect.
Immobilize Immobilize.png Immobilization control effect.
Intangibility Intangability.png Intangibility related power.
Invisibility Invisibility.png Power that causes invisibility.
Jump, Distance Jump, Distance.png Jump distance power.
Jump, Height Jump, Height.png Jump height power.
Knockback Knockback.png Knockback related power.
Knockdown Knockdown.png Knockdown related power.
Knockup Knockup.png Knockup related power.
Mez Mez.png Control related power.
Placate Placate.png Placate related power.
Resistance Resistance.png Damage resistance related power.
Resistance, Cold Resistance, Cold.png Power that provides cold resistance.
Resistance, Energy Resistance, Energy.png Power that provides energy resistance.
Resistance, Energy and Negative Energy Resistance, Energy and Negative Energy.png Power that provides energy and negative energy resistance.
Resistance, Fire and Cold Resistance, Fire and Cold.png Power that provides fire and cold resistance.
Resistance, Negative Energy Resistance, Negative Energy.png Power that provides negative energy resistance.
Resistance, Mez Resistance, Mez.png Power that provides protection from control-type effects.
Resistance, Psionic Resistance, Psionic.png Power that provides psionic resistance.
Resistance, Smashing and Lethal Resistance, Smashing and Lethal.png Power that provides smashing and lethal resistance.
Resurrection Resurrection.png Power that revives a fallen character.
Shapeshift Shapeshift.png Power that shifts form.
Sleep Sleep.png Sleep control effect.
Slow, Movement Slow, Movement.png Movement-slowing power.
Slow, Recharge Slow, Recharge.png Power that increases target's recharge time.
Slow, Recharge and Movement Slow, Recharge and Movement.png Power that increases the recharge time and decreases the movement speed of the target(s).
Stealth Stealth.png Power that provides stealth to the target.
Summon Summon.png Power that summons a pet or henchman.
Summon, Buff, Multiple Summon, Buff, Multiple.png Power that provides a buff to multiple attributes of a pet or henchman.
Summon, Equip Summon, Equip.png Power that provides a moderate increase to the capabilities of a pet or henchman.
Summon, Extraction Summon, Extraction.png Summons one pet or henchman from a defeated target.
Summon, Fear Summon, Fear.png Summons or upgrades a pet or henchman with fear abilities.
Summon, Multiple Summon, Multiple.png Summons a large number of pets.
Summon, One Ally Summon, One.png Summons one pet or henchman.
Summon, Placate Summon, Placate.png Summons a pet or henchman with placate abilities.
Summon, Taunt Summon, Taunt.png Summons a pet or henchman with taunt abilities.
Summon, Three Allies Summon, Three.png Summons three pets or henchmen.
Summon, Two Allies Summon, Two.png Summons two pets or henchmen.
Summon, Upgrade Summon, Upgrade.png Power that provides further increase to the capabilities of a pet or henchman.
Taunt Taunt.png Taunt related power.
Teleportation Teleport.png Power that teleports target from one location to another without physically touching the space in-between.
Teleportation, Group Teleport, Group.png Power that teleports a group from one location to another.
Teleportation, Target Teleport, Target.png Power that teleports a foe from one location to another.


Overall Legend

Just a note for the effort of combining the ring legend along with the inner symbols: any missing info from Icons Outer Ring Key should be ported over and that page should be deprecated. --Eabrace Healthbar notify phone.png 05:23, 15 August 2009 (UTC)

Icon Duplication

I'm noticing that we're getting some duplicate icons related to this article that are duplicates of existing icons. For example, Inherent Sprint.png and Sprint, PrestigeSprint.png. The only difference I see is that the second one has a black background. Any reason the cell the icon is displayed in couldn't just be displayed with a black background?

Sprint, PrestigeSprint.png Increases running speed and jump height Sprint This is the Sprint symbol; the only powers that use the symbol are Sprint and its Prestige variations.
Inherent Sprint.png Increases running speed and jump height Sprint This is the Sprint symbol; the only powers that use the symbol are Sprint and its Prestige variations.

--Eabrace Healthbar notify phone.png 18:46, 15 August 2009 (UTC)

I just tried doing that, but I'm a little leery about it. It doesn't really look that good because the word "Symbol" at the top of the tables stretches out the column and leaves the picture uncentered. Since I'm new to editing wikis, I don't know how to do things like center things in tables until I find a spot where someone's already done just that so I can copy them. I uploaded that duplicate Sprint icon because the icons that Storyteller had uploaded all have the little black corners and I wanted to be consistent, but if someone knows how to center the icons in the columns, go right ahead. --Vanden
All icons are now centered and the background of the cells that contain the images are set to black. --Eabrace Healthbar notify phone.png 22:59, 15 August 2009 (UTC)

Defense vs. Resistance

I saw that the page was edited to remove reference to defense buffs in symbols used in defensive shield-type powers. The fact is, the symbols for typed defense buffs and damage resistance buffs are used interchangeably in sets such as Ice Armor and Invulnerability. It's the same story with the defense debuff symbol; it's also used to indicate damage resistance debuffs, such as in Sonic Siphon. Since this is the way the icons appear in an unmodified (i.e., does not have the icon pack installed) game, I added back the statements about those powers buffing either defense or resistance. If you believe further edits on this topic are necessary, we should discuss it here first. --Vanden