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An equally likely reason why there is no Praetorian Blue Steel is the fact that there are no shield powersets.--GreyDog 11:57, 4 June 2007 (EDT)

Have we had any confirmation on his offensive powerset? Since we have no Shield offense, doesn't it make more sense to put him as a MA/Shield Scrapper? --Weatherby Goode 06:39, 23 November 2008 (UTC)

But if he's a Tanker archetype, then he would have super strength. Or, if stories show that he brutalised the Clockwork King into his current form, that would make him a Brute rather than a Tanker! Think we should just leave his suggested powersets as they are until he actually makes it into the game as more than just a trainer. Sera404 06:55, 23 November 2008 (UTC)
I'm gonna agree with Weatherby. I'm pretty sure he's a Scrapper, judging from his attributed exploits and aggression level. (I also don't think doing one or even several villainous things would automatically make him a red AT.) There's a certain element of balance in this, as well; the only other Scrapper signature heroes are sidekicks, Mynx and Valkyrie. It's possible he's a Scrapper with an offensive powerset we haven't seen in-game yet, but I think Scrapper nonetheless. - Jacknomind 03:19, 12 April 2009 (UTC)
Looks like devs answered the question for us - Blue Steel is his own Archetype (haha). However, he's also a scrapper, so added that in. Sera404 22:04, 25 June 2009 (UTC)