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Superscience Costume Set

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The Superscience Costume Set was originally released with Super Booster III: Superscience but is now only available through the Paragon Market. This set contains a total of 21 costume pieces, as well as four related emotes and one system unlock.

Costume Bundle

ParagonMarket CostumeSet Superscience.png
The Superscience Costume Bundle is available on the Paragon Market for 400 Paragon Points. If purchasing all of the pieces separately, they would cost 600pp total. No auras, emotes or powers are contained in this bundle.

Costume Pieces



ParagonMarket Scientist MadScienceHair.png Mad Science Hair (M/H) - 40pp

Detail 1

ParagonMarket Scientist WelderGoggles.png Scientist Welder Goggles (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist SafetyGoggles.png Scientist Safety Goggles (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist ModernGoggles.png Scientist Modern Goggles (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist RetroGoggles.png Scientist Retro Goggles (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist MaverickGoggles.png Scientist Maverick Goggles (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist DeathGoggles.png Scientist Death Goggles (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist Reflector.png Scientist Reflector (M/F/H) - 20pp

Detail 2

ParagonMarket Scientist Breather1.png Scientist Breather 1 (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist Breather2.png Scientist Breather 2 (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist Breather3.png Scientist Breather 3 (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist Breather4.png Scientist Breather 4 (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist Breather5.png Scientist Breather 5 (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist Breather6.png Scientist Breather 6 (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist DeathGuard.png Scientist Death Guard (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Scientist NeckBolts.png Scientist Neck Bolts (M/F/H) - 20pp

Upper Body


ParagonMarket Scientist SingleJacket.png Scientist Single Jacket (M/F/H) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Scientist DoubleJacket.png Scientist Double Jacket (M/F/H) - 60pp


ParagonMarket Scientist Sleeves.png Scientist Sleeves (M/F/H) - 60pp


ParagonMarket Scientist RubberGloves.png Scientist Rubber Gloves (M/F/H) - 40pp

Lower Body


ParagonMarket Scientist RubberBoots.png Scientist Rubber Boots (M/F/H) - 40pp


There are no auras related to this costume set.


The emotes related to this costume set are not part of a bundle and must be purchased separately.

Standard Emotes

ParagonMarket EmoteCalculate.png Calculate Emote (/emote Calculate) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteExperiment.png Experiment Emote (/emote Experiment) - 40pp

Costume Change Emotes

ParagonMarket CCEmote DrinkFormula.png Drink Formula Costume Emote (/cce # DrinkFormula) - 80pp

ParagonMarket CCEmote SuperSerum.png Super Serum Costume Emote (/cce # SuperSerum) - 80pp

System Unlock

The system unlock related to this costume set is not part of a bundle and must be purchased separately.

ParagonMarket SuperTailorAccess.png Super Tailor Access - 800pp

Preselected Costumes

The Superscience costume pieces are available in the costume creator as a preselected costume set.

Mad Scientist Costume Set
Mad Scientist Costume Set Female
Mad Scientist Costume Set Huge
Mad Scientist Costume Set
Head Shape Face Pattern Hair Ears Detail 1 Detail 2
Standard Chiseled / Average 1 Face 1 None Mad Science / Wild Human Modern Goggles Breather 5
Upper Body
Upper Body Jackets Style Sleeves Style Chest Pattern Shoulders Style Chest Detail Pattern Gloves Style Pattern Belt Style
Jackets Scientist Double Scientist Dress Shirt None None Rubber None
Lower Body
Lower Body Pants Style Pattern Boots Style Pattern Tails
Pants Slacks Business Rubber Boot None
Back Detail
Back Detail

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