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SuperFreak Tracking Device

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From the Story Arc "Die by the Freak!" given by Doc Buzzsaw.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25 - 29.

Souvenir's Text

This small device is useless now, but once you used it to track down Doc Buzzsaw's insane coral crystal powered creation, the SuperFreak. It was all a part of a little exploit you remember as:

Die by the Freak!

The first thing Doc Buzzsaw asked of you was innocuous, if a bit grizzly. Doc needed some cybernetic parts from old patients who were no longer using them, and sent you to get them for her. After you delivered the pieces, she seemed very interested in one piece in particular. An artificial heart that was now drawing power from a shard of red crystal embedded in it.

Doc needed a large shard of Coral Crystal in order to continue her work, and was willing to pay to get it. She asked you to find a leader among the Slag Golems the Freakshow had dubbed 'Big Rocky,' and take the red coral crystal shard at its heart. She also needed you to get some spare parts off of fallen Freaks. The Freaks on the scene didn't seem to mind, and even helped you on Buzzsaw's word.

Doc Buzzsaw created her Superfreak, powered by the mysterious energy of the Red Coral Crystal, and seemed to somehow be surprised when it went insane, vowed to destroy her and began building up an army of Slag Golems to do so. Lucky for her, she had you on retainer. Using a tracking device Buzzsaw had put in the Superfreak's chassis, you tracked him down and defeated him. Doc Buzzsaw seemed briefly chastened by the near disaster and decided to put off work on the Superfreak to pursue a less dangerous goal: Mass producing Tank Freaks.

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