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T3h S00p4rFr34k!

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t3h S00p4rFr34k!


t3h S00p4rFr34k! is an Elite Boss for the Freakshow, a named (and the only currently in-game) Super Freak. He has a Slag Golem "coral crystal" embedded in his chest from an experiment by Doc Buzzsaw. He betrayed her and started gathering Slag Golems to destroy his creator. The Doc is astounded, and is quoted as having said:

I sought only to turn a man into a metal-encased juggernaut of destruction powered by the unknown properties of a mysterious living crystal. How could this have all gone wrong?

Villains can find him on the Destroy the SuperFreak mission from Doc Buzzsaw.


The Superfreak was created by Doc Buzzsaw by implanting magically-imbued prosthetics into a Tank Freak. Now the Superfreak possesses necromantic abilities in addition to his formidable fighting powers.


During the mission Destroy the SuperFreak

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