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Shabby piece of cloth

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From the Signature Story Arc "Blind Faith" given by Theoden.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-20.

Souvenir's Text

Shabby piece of cloth

You received this piece of cloth from a member of the lost called Theoden. He was arrested by the PPD on a routine raid of a Lost shanty town, but begged for your help to stop a plan that his brothers in the Lost were planning. Together, you and Theoden took part in an adventure you call...

Blind Faith

Theoden explained to you that members of the Lost were going to steal a magical, ancient obelisk to absorb Synapse's powers and spread them throughout the Lost. The use of magic is forbidden by the Lost, which is why Theoden insisted on your help. You tried to go to the lair of the Circle of Thorns, who were holding on to the obelisk, only to see it was gone. The Lost were already there, and were working with rock creatures called the Igneous.

Theoden tried to help you further by location another member of the Lost in a system of tunnels, but you once again arrived too late. You discovered, however, the motivation behind all of this. These members of the Lost were seeking to please their masters, whoever they are. They were told never to use magic, but were never explained why; Lemkin, the leader of this group, believed that he could serve his masters better by using magic, and so began on this path of supposed destruction.

There was only one thing left to do after this point. The obelisk had erupted out into the Hollows. The Lost used their magic to aid the Igneous in turning Grendel's Gulch into a huge lava pit. Synapse had arrived to stop them, only to have his powers sapped by the obelisk. It was up to you to stop the Lost and save Synapse. You fought Lemkin ontop of the lava rocks in the Hollows and defeated him. When you thought it was all done, an ancient spirit appeared, claiming the obelisk belonged to him, and that he would empower his champion with it. A woman named Echidna attempted to fight you, refusing to take Synapse's power. You defeated her, and then watched as the obelisk exploded into pieces. The spirit cursed your interference and vanished, swearing that this wasn't the last time you would see him.

Theoden thanked you for your help and insisted that the two of you parted ways. He realized that, while he had criticized and hunted down Lemkin for breaking the rules of their people, he too had broken the rules of their people by asking for the help of an outsider, of a 'hero'. Theoden believed there was no redemption for him now; he would rot in the Zig, and his brothers would not try to help him escape. Perhaps, however, there is hope for this member of the Lost, but only time will tell.

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