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Seer Visor

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From the Story Arc "Power of the Mind" given by Beholder.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

Seer Visor

Beholder gave you this Seer Visor from one of the seers you kidnapped. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Power of the Mind

It began with you helping Beholder, a former seer, capture four seers for a plan: to re-wire them as psychic bombs and to broadcast whatever messages the Resistance wanted to send all throughout Praetoria. It was easy enough to capture the seers, though you had to endure Mother Mayhem's voice taunting you while you were doing so.

You had some time to kill while Beholder was re-wiring the seers, so you went to recover information on Hamidon for Wardog. Beholder told you the information you found was apparently valuable, though Wardog refused to explain what it was for.

There was no time to wonder about this, however. Beholder had an issue: there was an aspect of Praetor Tilman controlling one of the seer's minds. You were sent into the woman's mind and destroyed Tilman's presence, freeing the seer from her influence.

Beholder activated the seers, unleashing their psychic blasts onto a specific PPD office, instantly killing everyone inside. You went in after the slaughter to collect information, only to run into what appeared to be sentient Clockwork who were looking for a woman named Penelope. You destroyed the Clockwork and found the information you needed: blueprints on the Behavioral Adjustment Facility in Imperial City.

Beholder told you that Vagabond had tremendous plans for these, but that she was done with being involved in the action. Everything that you did with her had tired her out; she claims she only has a few weeks left to live now and that she intends to live it out by watching the suffering of all those who are against the Resistance.

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