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Scrapyard's Wedding Ring

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From the Story Arc "Iron Widow" given by Captain Petrovich.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20 - 24.

Souvenir's Text

This is a very nice old wedding ring worn by the deceased hero known as Scrapyard. You received it from Captain Petrovich in a tale you like to call:

Iron Widow

It all started when the old sea captain known as Petrovich asked about helping him track down a valuable piece of information—the identity of the elusive Scrapyarder leader. Word on the street was that some of the Freakshow had a lead on this, so you busted into one of their bases and got one of their bosses, Hack Slash, to spill what he knew. It turns out that Eddie Crush, another of the Freakshow bosses, just caught the latest ship en route to Paragon City to meet with one of the other Freakshow gangs.

Travelling to Paragon City after Eddie Crush, you found the Freakshow gang in a rumble with a Council assault team. Finding the leader of the Freakshow, you found that you had come too late: Eddie Crush had been taken back to the Council base at Sharkhead Isle for interrogation.

Back on Sharkhead Isle, you attacked the Council base where they took Eddie Crush, fighting your way through to where Eddie was being interrogated. Eddie agreed to tell you what he knew if you got him out of the base. It turns out Eddie noticed a woman meeting with some Scrapyarders by a warehouse at the docks and delivered them some supplies.

Heading over to the warehouse, you found that the Scrapyarders were in conflict with the Family members who owned the place. Fighting through them, you interrogated the Scrapyarder leader, who revealed that the lady they met was on a cargo ship returning to the mainland right now.

You headed over to the cargo ship and fought your way past Scrapyarders to discover the woman behind it - only to reveal that she replaced the real Scrapyarder leader at the last minute! Apparently, the Scrapyarders forces got wise to you.

Returning to Petrovich, you found that the Council managed to secure the real Scrapyarder leader, a woman known as Iron Widow. They were awaiting the arrival of Marshal Brass at their base on Sharkhead Isle, so you had a short time to act. Breaking into the base, you managed to get Iron Widow out of the base where she was taken away by Petrovich's men. Returning to Petrovich one final time, you discovered that he let Iron Widow go! Petrovich tells of how he had failed to prevent Scrapyard's murder at the hands of Captain Mako a while back and decided to make amends by helping Scrapyard's wife, Iron Widow, escape. Bargaining for his life, Petrovich gave you Scrapyard's wedding ring, all that was left of Scrapyard once Captain Mako got through with him.

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