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This article is about the Bloody Bay contact. For the Day Job Accolade, see Scientist Badge. For the contact in the tutorial's Arachnos Safe Zone, see Doctor Weber.

Scientist is a hero contact in the Freedom Base neighborhood of Bloody Bay at coordinates (1196.5, 91, -2255.5). He gives the Shiva Strike Mission mission to heroes.


Of course. You can count on me


Character! I'm glad you're here, we have a major problem.

A few weeks ago, six meteors smashed into Bloody Bay. Since Arachnos abandoned the island, we decided to move in and protect the civilians who were left behind. Trouble is, the asteroids seem to give off some sort of weird radiation that creates weird creatures that have proven too much for our forces.

We really need samples from the asteroids to stop this threat. Can you help us?

Mission Acceptance

Great! Here's an Ore Extractor. Use that on all six of the meteors, then process the raw ore into a sample at one of the firebases scattered around the island. You'll have to defeat the turrets and reprogram the firebase before you can process the ore. That will give you a sample we can safely transport back to our labs.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Do you need me to repeat the instructions?

Collect chunks of each meteor with the Ore Extractor. Take over a Firebase by destroying its turrets and using the computer in the base. Once you control a base you can process all six pieces of ore into a sample. Bring that to me and I'll make sure it gets to our top scientists.

Temporary Power:

The Scientist will give you an Ore Extractor.

Temporary OreExtractor.png Ore Extractor Extract Ore
This stainless steel tool allows you to safely collect and store fragments of the Shiva meteors. Once collected, you'll need to take the shards to a processing station and transform them into Shiva samples. These are then taken to the contact who gave you the extractor. You must be in close proximity to the meteorite to extract the ore. Extracting the ore is interruptible, so if you are hit, you will need to try again.
Icon clue generic.png
Shiva Strike!
Shiva was a massive asteroid that was headed directly toward Earth. A NASA scientist named it 'Shiva' after the Hindu 'Destroyer of Worlds.' The meteor broke up over 20 years ago--some say thanks to a top-secret multinational project that cost five heroes their lives--but its remains struck the earth just a few weeks ago.

Bloody Bay bore the brunt of the 'Shiva Strike,' and Arachnos callously abandoned it. This gave Freedom Corps an excuse to move in.

The Shiva meteor fragments are demonstrating remarkable properties, including spawning alien horrors and causing the dead to rise, and both Arachnos and Freedom Corps want samples. To get those samples, you need to visit your base and get an Ore Extractor from the scientist there. You can use the Ore Extractor on the six meteors--numbered one through six in Hindi.

When you have ore from all six asteroids, take them to a Firebase and knock out its automated defenses. You can then process your six shards into a 'sample'. Take the sample to your base and your scientist will reward you with a special power available only here in Bloody Bay.

Be warned! While fighting for the Shiva Strike, you'll find the other side may try to stop you--heroes and villains can battle each other, in addition to the Shivans and other foes.

Should you defeat a foe you or a teammate will take any ore or sample he's collected!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Collect ore sample from each meteor

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take over a firebase
    • Process raw ore into sample

Temporary Power:

Upon mission completion, you will receive a Shivan Shard temporary power.

Temporary WarWolfWhistle.png Shivan Shard Summon Shivan Decimator
Using this weird 'Shiva Shard' while near the ground allows you to summon forth a powerful Shivan Decimator to fight at your side. The Shivan can be buffed and healed, but is an unwilling companion and will not follow you through doors or into new zones. The shard can summon 5 Shivans before it is drained.


Upon mission completion, you will receive the Gunner Badge.

File:V badge FirebaseBadge.png Gunner

You have been part of taking over a Firebase, earning you a new nickname: 'Gunner.'


Great work. I hate to ask, but we could always use more samples if you think you can take another trip back into the front lines.