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Ore Extractor

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Temporary OreExtractor.png


This stainless steel tool allows you to safely collect and store fragments of the Shiva meteors. Once collected, you'll need to take the shards to a processing station and transform them into Shiva samples. These are then taken to the contact who gave you the extractor. You must be in close proximity to the meteorite to extract the ore. Extracting the ore is interruptible, so if you are hit, you will need to try again.

How to Get

To obtain this temporary power, talk to the Shiva Strike contact in Bloody Bay. For heroes, that contact is the Scientist close to the helicopter. For villains, it is the Evil Scientist near the Arachnos flier.

Use of Power

This power can only be used in close proximity to a Meteorite, and only while stationary. If the character moves or is attacked, the power will be interrupted, however this will not force the power to recharge. This is important as once the character gets within a short distance to the Meteorite, a spawn of Shivans will pop up from the surrounding earth and attempt to engage the player. Since Shivans have ranged attacks, unless the player triggers the Ore Extractor immediately, activation is not guaranteed to be successful. Usually, one or two further attempts will result in the ore sample being retrieved successfully, allowing the player to escape, often without engaging the spawn.

The animation shows the character pulling out and activating a "scanner" much like the one used in Aid Self. The animation takes approximately 4 seconds to complete.

Power Summary

Duration Until samples collected or player zones
Effects Extract Ore

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