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Saga of Faathim

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From the Task Force "The Saga of Faathim" given by Justin Augustine.

Souvenir's Text

Through your work and perseverance. you were able to uncover the Saga of Faathim. In it's proper order it reads:

'And give your strong to Ruladak that he may work them.
And give your injuries to Faathim that he may heal them.
And give your outcast to Lanaru that he may execute them.
For you will know that they are Rularuu and are to be obeyed.

And Faathim formed the Chantry from the very air.
And Faathim alone was master of it.
And within the Chantry Faathim stood shielded from Rularuu's will.
Here Faathim schemed for his freedom and his oblivion.

And by word and trickery the Traitor Faathim's work was done.
And the Mad One rose up with rage to split the world asunder.
And the Rularuu lost their truth and the People their master.
For Faathim's betrayal hid all from Rularuu's power.

And when the world was split the Strong one Remained Loyal.
And the Strong one called Faathim Traitor for his plans.
And the Strong one called Faathim Traitor for his actions.
For Strength would let none stray from the Rularuu.

'And Kindness and Strength shook the the world with battle.
And by clever stratagem Strength was caught and bound.
And Kindness was was trapped as well within it's fortress.
While Madness burned with rage and battled all.

And the Kind One was made prisoner within his Chantry.
And the Rularuu beset him in unending siege.
And Faathim the Kind knew only anguish.
For all his plans were cast down in ruin.

And Kindness knew there would be freedom.
And Kindness knew that Rularuu could not be overthrown.
And Kindness knew there would be no defiant haven of its hopes.
For now Kindness knew it would forever be of Rularuu.'

In the course of discovering Faathim's history. you learned of a plot against him by the Circle of Thorns. You foiled their plans to bind the Kind One, and gained the Trust of Faathim the Kind.

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