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Justin Augustine

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Justin Augustine
Justin Augustine.jpg
Supernatural Investigator
Zone The Chantry
Coordinates (8776, 1537, -5293.5)
Level Range 44-50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu
Badges Badge task force ProtectorOfKindness.png Protector of Kindness
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Justin Augustine is a hero contact in the Path of Tears neighborhood of The Chantry at coordinates (8776, 1537, -5293.5). He is standing next to the wormhole to Cascade Archipelago. He is a task force contact.



Supernatural Investigator

Justin Augustine is a renowned modern mystic and explorer into the supernatural. He's assisted heroes and governments all over the world in supernatural matters over the course of the last decade, and volunteered to join the Shadow Shard Expeditionary force early on. He is also a wizard of no small power. Most of his power centers on ritual magic, and his own unerring ability to find the right place to be at the perfect time.

Initial Contact

You need eight heroes in your group to make a Task Force.

You need at least 8 members on your team, all of them at least Level 44 in order to begin this Task Force.

Task Force

See Justin Augustine Task Force