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Jim 'Thunderhead' Bartlett

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Jim 'Thunderhead' Bartlett

Jim 'Thunderhead' Bartlett is a hero who fought during the Second World War for the Allies in North Africa and Europe and today enjoys retirement. He shows up as a boss-level ally with a faction of Retired Hero.

Heroes can find him:


Jim 'Thunderhead' Bartlett was one of the greatest American heroes of World War II. He's not as young as he used to be, but he still knows a thing or two about busting bad guys.


ElectricalBolt BallLightning.png Ball Lightning Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate DoT(Energy), Foe -End
Hurls a highly charged ball of lightning that explodes on contact. Ball Lightning deals good damage in an area of effect, and drains some Endurance from each target it hits. Damage: Moderate(DoT), Recharge: Slow

ElectricalBolt ChargedBolts.png Charged Bolts Ranged, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -End
You can quickly hurl small bolts of electricity at foes, dealing some damage and draining some Endurance. Charged Bolts deals light damage but recharges quickly. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Fast

ElectricalBolt LightningBolt.png Lightning Bolt Ranged, High DMG(Energy), Foe -End
You can send a large blast of electrical energy at a foe, dealing heavy damage and draining some Endurance. Lightning Bolt deals more damage than Charged Bolts, but recharges more slowly. Damage: High, Recharge: Moderate

ElectricalBolt ShortCircuit.png Short Circuit PBAoE, Moderate DoT(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery
Releases a burst of electrical energy around you, shocking all nearby foes. This highly accurate discharge deals Moderate damage over time, drains a lot of Endurance from the targets and renders them unable to recover Endurance for quite a while. Additionally, Short Circuit deals extra damage to most robots and mechanical foes. Short Circuit is very effective when used with your other Endurance draining powers. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Slow

StormSummoning SnowStorm.png Snow Storm Toggle: Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe -Speed, -Recharge
While active, the chill from this Snow Storm can dramatically Slow the attack and movement speed of the target and all nearby foes. Recharge: Slow

StormSummoning Gale.png Gale Ranged (Cone), Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Knockback
You can call forth a tremendous gust of Gale force winds that knock down foes and deal some Smashing damage in a wide cone area. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Moderate

StormSummoning O2Boost.png O2 Boost Ally Heal, +Res(Disorient, Sleep, End Drain)
Saturates the air around a targeted ally with rich oxygen, healing his wounds. The O2 Boost can protect a targeted ally from Sleep, Stun and Endurance Drain effects. You cannot use this power on yourself. Recharge: Fast

Flight TravelFlight.png Fly Self Travel
Cabal Mavens can Fly!