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Robert Flores's Article

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From the Story Arc "Misinformation" given by Robert Flores.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

Robert Flores's Article

Robert Flores sent this article to you after the encounter you had with him. It'll never be published, of course, given all of the precious information that it holds. But perhaps one day, when the people of Praetoria are allowed to express their opinions, it can be released. You look over the article and see that it is titled...


By Robert Flores

It all began when a member of the Powers Division (name removed for safety) hacked into the camera system for Nova Praetoria. This anonymous Powers Division found out that Mr. G, an agent within Cole's regime, passed a top secret folder along to the Ministry of Information. The folder contained details regarding a man called Eddie Polstra.

The member of Powers Division then made contact with the heroic members of the Resistance, who informed our agent that Eddie Polstra was mostly a mystery, but one fact was known; he was not on the side of the Resistance.

Luck would be on the side of this member of the Powers Division, as the Ministry of Information was evacuated due to a bomb threat. With little time to spare, our anonymous protagonist slipped into the Ministry of Information to recover the details on Eddie Polstra. The folder left more questions than answers. The Ministry was planning on hiding Eddie's true origin.

Our dauntless hero went down into the depths of the tunnels to meet with the beautiful Belladonna Vetrano for the purpose of exchanging this information. The two were ambushed by Cole's dogs but were able to fend them off easily.

It is still unknown who exactly this Eddie Polstra is, but the people of Praetoria won't rest until all their questions have been answered.

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