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Return to Vampyr Mountain

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From the Story Arc "Return to Vampyr Mountain" given by Tobias Hansen.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

An old hand crafted whistle hangs from your wall, reminding you of the events you've come to know as the...

Return to Vampyr Mountain

Tobias Hansen looks like a teenager, but talks like a grandfather. He and his brother have long sought to take down the Council, you had no idea just 'how' long they had been trying to do this. You helped them put the hurt on the Council, rescued some kidnapped gentilities and destroyed a large number of the Vampyr Transformation Chambers.

Things got interesting when you met up with the witch Stephanie Peebles and you used her magic whistle to get you into Vampyr Mountain once again. Tobias wanted you to get an old heirloom of his. Turns out it was a journal from the 1940s, written by Tobias himself. He writes of the experiments performed by the Council on him and his brother. The pages had stains of tears and blood on them. As you read through it you find it impossible that anyone could survive, but somehow the Hansen brothers did.

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