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Resistance Dictionary

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From the Story Arc "Justifying the Means" given by Ricochet.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

Resistance Dictionary

You have a small dictionary of Resistance words, each of their definitions more like guesses to what they mean. It reminds you of your first encounter with the Ricochet of the Resistance in an experience called...

Justifying the Means

It began with a confusing talk with Ricochet, who apparently told you to go plant some fake bombs in Nova Praetoria. Jack Hammer explained to you the plan - you were going to plant some poison bombs in Nova, while another member of the Resistance, Rothstein, was captured. A tracker would be planted on Rothstein to see where he and the bombs would be brought. Once all that was done, you would attack the location, activate the bombs, and walk away without anything pointing towards you.

After setting the bombs in Nova, you helped out Team Bravo per Ricochet's request - they were recovering information for a woman named Splice. You helped the team and found out they were looking for Marauder' planner.

Ricochet's next request was to destroy a warehouse full of Clockwork - they would be used to quickly siphon any poison that might be released into the PPD lab you would be attacking. The job was easy enough to perform, setting up the final stage of the plan.

You casually walked into the PPD lab, with the officials there none the wiser. With your gas mask in hand, you activated the poison gas and watched as all the members of the PPD collapsed around you.

Ricochet was thrilled when you returned to her, saying that this was just the first step of many towards bringing down the PPD. At least, that's what you think she said.

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