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Reichsman's Helmet

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From the Strike Force "Thus Spoke the Reichsman" given by Barracuda.

Souvenir's Text

Reichman's Helmet

This helmet is a souvenir of a little caper you like to call

Thus Spoke The Reichsman

It all started when Barracuda tipped you to a job that Roderick Mueller wanted done. It was a simple theft, in and out with a big payday at the end. But it didn't stay that easy.

After Roderick Mueller's second job went awry and you freed Reichsman from imprisonment, Lord Recluse sent you to Boomtown to 'clean up your mess' and get rid of the 5th Column invasion. You followed orders, but found that Reichsman had been supercharged and was virtually unstoppable. You retreated to come up with another approach.

Acting on information you recovered during the whole freeing Reichsman debacle, you used the Destiny Portal to travel to Axis Earth, Reichsman's home dimension. Once there, you found some interesting information that Reichsman was using a machine to transfer energy from alternate Reichsmans into him, effectively super-charging him. That information was what you needed to come up with a plan to stop the 5th Column leader.

You went back to Recluse and negotiated the loan of Ghost Widow, Captain Mako, Scirocco, and Black Scorpion to help you in fighting Reichsman. You didn't tell Recluse that you were going to pound his lieutenants and then shove them into the empowering machine to give you the edge you needed to beat Reichsman. Recluse caught on a little too late, arriving just in time to get his head handed to him by Reichsman. You seized the opportunity to negotiate a fat payday -- and forgiveness -- from him and then went off to finish off Reichsman. You sealed the deal and can walk with your head held high, knowing that you did something Recluse couldn't -- you took down Reichsman.

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