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Reichman's Plans

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From the Task Force "The Return of the Reichsman" given by Dr. Kahn.

Souvenir's Text

Reichman's Plans

These plans for conquest remind you of the time when you saved Paragon City from the 5th Column in an adventure you call

The Return of the Reichsman

When a break in at City Hall lead you to a base that was rife with 5th Column activity, you knew something big was up. Your hunch was proved right when the 5th Column invaded Boomtown, so you headed there to shut them down. Though you defeated their generals and shut down the troop portals, a super-charged Reichsman arrived forcing you to retreat and find some way to defeat him.

Your investigations lead you to a 5th Column base where you recovered information that revealed Reichsman was an alternate version of Statesman, and was collecting other alternate versions of himself from which he could steal power, making him practically invincible. Working on the theory you could somehow "ground" this power out with the proper energy source, you went to Axis Earth where you tapped 5 energy sources.

You returned to your home and traveled to the 5th Column Base in Boomtown to confront Reichsman, only to find him in conference with four of the most powerful arch-villains around! You shattered his plans of an alliance of evil and captured the arch-villains, but Reichsman managed to slip away in the end. Somehow, you don't think you've seen the last of him.

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