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Reese's Shocked Look

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From the Story Arc "The Strong Survive" given by Reese.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 4-9

Souvenir's Text

Reese's Shocked Look

Sometimes when you're not too busy, you remember the shocked look on Reese's face when you knocked him out in your one on one fight. It reminds you of an experience you call...

The Strong Survive

After surviving the Powers Division induction ceremony, Reese was eager to go with you on a mission to capture Jack Hammer and the leader of the Destroyers. However, when you arrived to the warehouse, you were ambushed by Reese and his hired help. You easily defeated Reese and found out that he intended on blowing you up after you were defeated. You were then left with a choice - blow Reese up instead, or call in Praetor White to show him just exactly how pathetic Reese was.

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