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Prototype Medi-Porter

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From the Story Arc "Bad People, Good Intentions" given by Roy Cooling.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

Lucas Zanella, president of Medi-Corp, sent you this prototype medi-porter as thanks for your help in his rescue. This medi-porter was the alpha version of the ones currently used by heroes. It reminds you of an adventure you call...

Bad People, Good Intentions

It all began when Roy Cooling, an agent of the FBSA, requested your help with a delicate situation. The medi-porter technology was being upgraded to pretect the heroes against the Praetorians, but this upgrade sent the public into an uproar. What was worse was that the technology had gone missing. PPD Sergeant Stanfield told Roy that a member of The Family had the technology. You went in and investigated the Family warehouse, only to discover everything but the medi-port technology. You returned to Roy, who believed that Stanfeld may have set you both up.

You next went to a conference between the Citizens for Medi-Porters and Medi-Corp to find Sergeant Stanfeld. Lucas Zanella was kidnapped by Sergeant Stanfeld and a group of Rogue PPD who were bringing him to the conference. You arrested Stanfeld and brought him to the Talos Island precint for questioning. It was there that you revealed to him the true nature of the 'upgrade' to the medi-porters. Horrified, Stanfeld confessed the location of the missing technology, but admited he did not know where Lucas Zanella was being held.

You went out to a cargo ship to retrieve the stolen technology, only to find it sunken and under attack by the Sky Raiders! You defeated the Sky Raiders and recovered the technology. You also discovered who ordered the Rogue PPD to steal the technology: Lawrence Harken, the leader of the Citizens for Medi-Porters! What's more, you found a red herring on a Sky Raider, claiming they were working for the Family.

Ray Cooling told you he would look into who the Sky Raiders were really working for. Meanwhile, you had to find Lawrence Harken, and fast; the Rogue PPD put out a broadcast that they would kill Lucas Zanella if the medi-porter technology was not delivered to them. You went to the office of Lawrence Harken to find out where they were holding Zanella. You found the location off of a Rogue PPD, but also walked into the middle of the group, 'ending' their alliance with Harken by trying to blow up the office building!

Afterwards, you went to the warehouse where Zanella was being held with a group of reliable SWAT to arrest Sarget Feldman, the man behind the Rogue PPD, and retrieve Lucas Zanella. When you arrived, you saw a Sky Raider taunt Feldman and teleport away. After arresting Feldman, you were told by a Sky Raider named Colonel Ford that they now had Zanella and were actually going to kill him if they didn't get the technology. Feldman also revealed to you who was behind the Sky Raiders: The Malta organization!

You and Roy went to the Sky Raiders base to rescue Lucas Zanella and arrest the man known only as 'Peter', Malta's liaison to the Sky Raiders. It was a large assault, but Roy managed to get Zanella out safely, while you fought your way through numerous Sky Raiders, Captain Castillo, and even a Malta Zeus Titan to bring in the man known as Peter.

With Zanella back safely, along with the technology, the upgrades to the medi-porters could finally be finished. Zanella made a promise that medi-porters would be given to the elderly and extremely sick population of Paragon City. It's one step closer to giving the people what they want, but you can't help but wonder how many other Lawrence Harkens and Sergeant Feldmans there are out there: people who are willing to go to extreme, even horrifying lengths to 'help' the people of Paragon City.

Are you one of them?

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