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  1. Abbreviation of Permanent, turned into a prefix
  2. The ability to keep a click power active continuously by reducing its Recharge to less than its Duration. Perma is accomplished with a combination of Recharge Enhancements, IO Set Bonuses, and +Recharge buffs like Hasten.
    "Pure" Perma generally does not include outside buffs, such as Speed Boost and Accelerate Metabolism.

Perma- Powers

Most powers can be sped up by +99% with 3 Recharge IOs, so the remainder must come from buffs and bonuses. The Luck of the Gambler +Recharge Global is highly desired for this purpose.

A few common Perma-able powers:

  • Permahasten - Hasten needs a total of +275% Recharge
    • 205% after Hasten's own +70%, 110% after 3 recharge SOs for ~95%
  • PermaDP - Dull Pain needs a total of +200% Recharge
    • 105% after 3 recharge SOs for ~95%
  • PermaDom - Domination needs a total of +123% Recharge
    • Unable to slot enhancements so it must all be buffs or set bonuses

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