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Partial list of Mu descendants

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From the Story Arc "The Circle's Plot" given by Mage-Killer Zuhkara.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-45.

Souvenir's Text

You've kept this partial list of Mu descendants. It will undoubtedly prove useful, as well as remind you of the adventure you like to call:

The Circle's Plot

It all started with a Circle mage named Penartes. Mage Killer Zuhkara had learned that he was up to something big, and she wanted to know what. You defeated Penartes and learned that the Circle, fearful of your soul trap, had summoned Lilitu.

With Lilitu walking the earthly plane, Zuhkara was convinced that her demon hordes would be stronger. You took out a number of them in order to prove you still had the strength to stand against them.

Your might was proven, but you and Zuhkara needed more information. You took to the streets and learned that the Circle was up to something else. They had summoned Lilitu, but this was not their ultimate plan.

Zuhkara send you to a base on Primeva to learn more about the Circle's plans. You succeeded in recovering three scrolls, one of which gave you a clue to Lilitu's location.

You set out to find Lilitu while Zuhkara translated the remaining scrolls. You defeated the vile demon, and captured her essence within the soul trap.

When you returned, Zuhkara had finished her translation. The Circle's plot was even greater than she could have dreamed: they were conducting a great ceremony that would wipe out everyone of Mu ancestry: a full fifth of the Earth's population. She convinced you to stop this. You journeyed to the Circle's ceremony in the sky and released the demon Lilitu upon them. Furious at their ineffectiveness, Lilitu helped you crush the Circle underfoot.

Lilitu remains free, the Mu remain safe, and you are left with the knowledge that you have the power to save the world. Will you use that power to destroy it, or to rule it?

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