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Paragon Times Photograph

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From the Task Force "Dam Heroes" given by Positron.

Souvenir's Text

The Paragon Times mailed you this photograph, which is of you and the task force you were a part of. This was taken after you saved the Faultline Dam from the Vahzilok, Circle of Thorns, and the Clockwork. It's an adventure you remember as...

Dam Heroes

It all began when you formed up another task force to help Positron with the growing threat surrounding the Faultline Dam. The Circle of Thorns, Clockwork, and Vahzilok all had their eyes on the dam - you intended to get to the bottom of what exactly was going on. Positron formed his own team of contacts to get you the information needed.

You first followed a lead on some Clockwork going into the sewers in Steel Canyon. There you found them fighting the Vahzilok. You found evidence that the Clockwork King himself was there, and he was out for blood! You also discovered what the Vahzilok were up to with the dam - they wanted to dump the chemical they made into the city's water supply, making everyone in Paragon more willing to accept Dr. Vahzilok's 'blessings'!

Positron feared that things would get ugly fast, so your team went to Faultline to help contain the situation there. Your next lead would again be the Clockwork, who were reported to be fighting a large group of Lost, shouting about their 'Clockwork Princess'. You went into the warehouse and defeated both groups, discovering that the Clockwork Princess was a little psychic girl named Penelope Yin. The Clockwork King developed an obsession over her and has sworn all his Clockwork to defending the young girl - this explained why the Clockwork were so intent on blowing up the dam. They were trying to protect this little girl!

Regardless of the Clockwork King's heart - if he has one stored somewhere in a jar as well - being in the right place, you were still determined to stop this from getting out of hand. Positron had one more lead for you; the abandoned base where the Clockwork were getting their bomb supplies from. You raided the base only to run into the Circle of Thorns, who were also out to stop the Clockwork! Unfortunately, you were too late to destroy all the Clockwork's supplies, but Mirror Spirit was able to help by giving you the location of Oranbega within Faultline. You stormed the ancient city to find the Vahzilok were already there, killing the Circle Mages to harvest their bodies! You tore through the battle and found grim information from a Circle Mage - the attack on the Faultline Dam had already started!

Time was running out. Positron and the Freedom Phalanx were being dispatched to fight the Shadow Simulacrums that were cropping up all over the city. It was up to you and your team to save the Faultline Dam from certain destruction. Despite the odds, you all were able to stop the Clockwork's bombs, put down the Circle's ritual, and prevent Dr. Vahzilok from poisoning the water supply!

Faultline and Paragon City are able to rest easy again, thanks to your efforts. The city has dubbed you and your team as those, 'Dam Heroes.'

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