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Paragon Rewards Perks

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The Paragon Rewards Program offers perks. Note: Some of these perks are automatically conferred upon Premium and VIP players.

Tier 1

2 Character Slots

Create and play up to 2 characters on any server, except the VIP server.

Tier 2


Access Supergroups


Directly trade with other players.

In-game Mail

Send and receive local and global in-game email.

Architect Entertainment

Play content in the Architect Entertainment System.

Tailor Tokens

Modify your costume and customize your powers without paying a single inf!

Tier 3

Global Chat Channels

Create and join Global Chat Channels.

Tier 4

Auction House

Sell items on the Auction House.

Earn Merits

Medium Inspirations Drops

Architect Entertainment

Earn rewards in the Architect Entertainment System.

Tier 5

Controller/Mastermind Characters

Create characters that are controllers or masterminds.

Veteran Titles

Veteran Titles for level 15 characters

Respec Tokens

Tier 6

Architect Entertainment

Create stories in the Architect Entertainment System.

Enhancement Unslotters

Salvage Unslotter.png

This salvage can be used to bring a slotted enhancement into the user's enhancement tray. A single Enhancement Slotter will be consumed for each enhancement that is unslotted. To use, simply drag a slotted enhancement from the power in which it is slotted, to an open enhancement tray slot. Salvage not tradeable

Tailor Discount

Never pay full price at Icon or the Facemaker again! Permanent 50% discount on all tailor fees.

Tier 7


Auction House

Buy items in the auction house.

Prestige Bonus

Increased Inventory

Going Rogue Enhancements

Inspiration Bonus

Tier 8

Large Inspiration Drops

Remote Auction

Remote Vault

Colored Titles

Tier 9

Salvage EnhancementBooster.png Enhancement Boosters

Main Article: Enhancement Booster

An Enhancement Booster can be combined with Invention Origin Enhancements to increase their effective enhancement by 5%. Each enhancement can be boosted up to 5 times this way, for a maximum of 25% bonus. Procs and Globals are unaffected; however if they come with an enhancement portion, the enhancement portion is boosted (e.g. LotG: Def/+Rech). Enhancement Boosters cannot be traded.

Tier 9 VIP

Bonus Paragon Points