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This article is about the fashion specialists of Paragon City. For the program that enables solo character creation and access to maps, see Titan Icon.


Icon is an organization in Paragon City that helps heroes "get a new look" by letting them attain new costumes and edit old ones.

Icon has been remaking the look of many happy clients for many years. We are sure you will find our service is both extensive and yet affordable. We specialize in image make-overs using the latest in technology and materials to give our clients the best possible service. We take pride in our representatives who provide our clients with a wide variety of image choices ranging from the corporate sector to even servicing the amazing heroes of our fine city. Originally serving business, hi-tech, and advertising, Icon has grown from a leading image consulting firm, to a fully capable image make-over service now famous for serving the fine heroes who protect Paragon City from danger everyday. For more information on how we can reshape your own personal image, please consult one of our friendly representatives for assistance. Thank you for choosing icon image specialists.


Icon can be found in four zones in Paragon City. It is marked on the maps in all cases. The newest location is in Atlas Park, just to the East and slightly north of the Paragon City Monorail station. This is the safest Icon for a low level Hero.

The second location is in the north west corner of Steel Canyon, due west of the Boomtown gate. It is somewhat close to the north Paragon City Monorail station.

A third Icon can be found in Independence Port, due west of the Kings Row entrance.

A fourth Icon can be found in the south east corner of Founders' Falls.

Two Icon Employees are active in the Rikti War Zone. They are both in the Vanguard Compound. Due to the mixed zone, they will adjust the costumes of both Heroes and Villains. Paradoxically, this is also very easy for very low level Heroes to get to, as they can use the entrance to the Rikti War Zone in Atlas Park, which leads directly into the compound.

Head Tailors

Serge works his magic at the Steel Canyon Icon.

Lauren heads up the Independence Port Icon.

Carson can be found in charge of the Founders' Falls Icon.

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