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Page from Schwartzwald's notebook

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From the Story Arc "The Freakshow War" given by Tina Chung or Neal Kendrick.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

Page from Schwartzwald's notebook

You've kept this page from Mike Schwartzwald's notebook, as a reminder of the time you put a stop to:

The Freakshow War

You were a bit too late to save Mike Schwartzwald when the Freakshow attacked his magazine's office. You found his files before the Freaks could destroy them, and realized that he was investigating Freakshow activities.

You went to meet one of Schwartzwald's informants, a Crey employee, and arrived in time to save him from the Freakshow. He told you that Crey Industries had a solid relationship with Dreck, the Freakshow leader. Through Dreck, Crey had been hiring the Freakshow to sabotage their competitors.

With that information, you were able to save the offices of UniMaxComm from a Freakshow attack. You next discovered that Dreck had been cutting deals with other groups for drugs and technology that the Freaks couldn't acquire through theft. You broke up a meeting between the Freaks and the Council, preventing one such deal from occurring.

Freak on Freak violence began to escalate, and you realized that some of Schwartzwald's informants had been Freaks themselves. Your investigation led you to a Freak called the ZikZak Man, one of these informants. He and his cronies were under attack by Freaks loyal to Dreck. By the time you arrived, ZikZak had already published Schwartzwald's discoveries about the Freakshow on the Internet.

With this knowledge in the public eye, the Freakshow began to splinter. Rebellious factions began to assert themselves. You had to act quickly to stop Clamor's faction from freeing both their leader and Upstart from the Brick House.

Dreck also moved quickly, to reassert control over the Freakshow and prove his street cred with a wave of raids against Crey labs. You stopped one of these attacks, and this defeat set the Freakshow to squabbling again.

In short order, the fighting had escalated to a full-scale war between the Freakshow factions. You brought the fighting to an end before it boiled out onto the street.

Dreck has regained control over the Freakshow for the time being. You know now that it's only a matter of time before you have to bring him to justice.

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