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PTS Worker

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PTS worker

The PTS workers are the men who have to maintain and repair the sections of the Power Transference System of Cap au Diable every day. They seem to be happy with their work, despite the fact that the PTS is the focus of no few machinations and strange happenings every day. They can be found on the Kidnap Aeon's workers during the Clockwork attack mission from Marshal Brass.

There are two of these workers, who must be saved from the Clockwork and then escorted to the exit. Both of them have the same hit points, faction and quotes. Expect several waves of Clockwork to ambush you on the way.

The PTS workers I found during my mission (Villanous, solo) had almost the same hit points as a Lieutenant of the same level, which means that they are probably Boss-class hostages. They had a faction of Hapless Worker and no attacks at all.


These hapless workers are in danger, and that's just from their normal job working for Dr. Aeon.


When found, they are in the hands of the Clockwork:

Clockwork minion: *Bzt Zlll* The huuu-mann must cease func-tion. *Bzt Zlll*
PTS worker: Don't hurt me! I'm union!


PTS worker: Dr. Aeon will pay you a lot if you help me, Villain. I promise!

(once free)

PTS worker: I'll make a fair deal with you, Villain. You help me, I'll make sure Doc Aeon helps you.

(if left behind)

PTS worker: C'Mon, Villain. I can't make it out on my own!

(if recaptured)

PTS worker: Thanks for the save, Villain!

(at the mission exit)

PTS worker: I'd heard a lot of bad things about you, Villain, but you've done right by me. I won't forget this.