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Overdrive's Task Force PDA

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From the Story Arc "Old Friends, New Enemies, and New Opportunities " given by Vincent Ross.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-29.

Souvenir's Text

You took this PDA off of Overdrive after defeating the task force she assembled to try and bring you down. Looking it over, you see that she and her team was working with the head of the Legacy Chain in Paragon City in order to get to the bottom of the Blood Coral; you were their last 'target' to take out, as it seems. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Old Friends, New Enemies, and New Opportunities

It all began when you met a former Legacy Chain researcher named Vincent Ross. He wanted your help in bringing down the Legacy Chain, which would be done by giving you power of the Leviathan beneath Sharkhead Isle. The plan formed was to gather pieces of Blood Coral to gain power over the creature. You went to retrieve a piece within the caverns of Sharkhead, only to find that the Legacy Chain had beaten you to the punch.

Vincent was distrought over this, but you suggested a better plan. Rather than go chasing after each individual piece, you would just charge the Legacy Chain's warehouse to steal all the pieces they had. Ross was nervous about the idea, but you proceeded and managed to retrieve the large chunk of Blood Coral for yourself.

All that was left now was to retrieve the last pieces of the Blood Coral and gain control of the Leviathan, though you were concerned that not everything was as it seemed. You recovered the last Blood Coral pieces and also discovered more information behind the Blood Coral and Leviathan. You would be unable to control the Leviathan with the Blood Coral, but you would be able to still enter its mind and try to take some of its power for yourself. However, you would need something to protect yourself from being absorbed from the Leviathan.

Vincent Ross proposed you seek out this information from the Midnighters. You spoke with Darrin Wade and struck a deal with him to get the information you needed from the Midnighters. You went to one of their secret offices in the Isles and spoke with an ancient demon named Botis, who gave you a ritual to protect yourself from the Leviathan and also warned you of an entity that is behind the power of the Leviathan, saying that you would most likely encounter it when you went inside.

With Longbow, Wyvern, and Legacy Chain right behind you, you went inside the Blood Coral that you gathered and into Leviathan. There, you encountered the mysterious entity behind the Leviathan who wished to test your power. You succeeded and discovered the secret behind power through the life and death of the goddess Merulina. She was killed by some sort of entity, but her power did not die with her. Instead, it was transferred into the Leviathan, which would explain the strong attachment the Coralax have to it. After discovering this, the entity vanished, alllowing the Leviathan to re-awaken. You used the ritual given to you by Botis to buy you time to get out of the Leviathan and blow up the Blood Coral, forcing it back into its slumber.

Of course, you kept one last shard of the Blood Coral for yourself. This single piece seemed to now be injected with the power of the Leviathan, which, in turn, gave you nearly unlimited power! Vincent Ross warned you that the Legacy Chain had formed a literal army to take you down, along with a squad of heroes led by Overdrive. With your newfound, albeit temporary, power, you faced off against 200 Legacy Chain and Overdrive's task force, wiping the floor with them and sending them all back to Paragon.

Despite the Blood Coral's power wearing off, you made a lasting impression on the forces within Paragon City. You also now possess knowledge that few know; the power of ancient beings, of great beings, is never lost. Perhaps one day, you yourself will be able to transfer the power of ancient gods to use for yourself, or even the power of that mysterious entity that tested you within the Leviathan.

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