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Omega level clearance badge

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From the Story Arc "The Organ Grinders" given by Steven Sheridan.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

Souvenir's Text

Omega level clearance badge

Your Omega level clearance badge allows you to access to some of the government's most secret files. But it does more than that. It reminds you of the time you defeated:

The Organ Grinders

It all began after you stopped the Rikti from stealing some human blood and organs. It seemed the aliens were up to something big.

Your contact assumed it had something to do with the Rikti mutagen, and you went to stop them from stealing some chemicals. But the chemical warehouse turned out to be a Council front company. Several defeated soldiers later, you were still no further toward discovering what the Rikti were up to.

While you were occupied with the Council, Dr. Snider, a renowned transplant specialist, was kidnapped by the Rikti. You tracked his pager down to a sewer junction, but he wasn't there. The Rikti had him, their plan was closer to completion, and you had no idea where to turn next.

Your contact got you in touch with Marvin Weintraub, an inventor who had a Psychic Probe that can read thoughts of defeated Rikti. Using this probe, you found out that Dr. Snider was being held prisoner in Brickstown. When you freed him from the Rikti, he told you that he was forced to perform transplant surgery on living Rikti soldiers, replacing decaying organs with fresh new ones.

Your contact then put you in touch with Rebecca Brinell at SERAPH. She invited you to tour a SERAPH lab where dead Rikti were taken for examination. When you arrived there, the Rikti were attacking the lab. You saved the scientists, and the huge body of data they had gathered on the Rikti.

In recognition of this act of heroism, you were granted Omega level clearance by the Vice President and SERAPH. Ms. Brinell was now able to tell you what SERAPH had learned about the Rikti: that they were nothing more than highly mutated humans, and that the Rikti homeworld was not an alien planet, but an alternate Earth. You also learned that the more powerful the Rikti, the more atrophied their internal organs were upon autopsy.

You used the Psychic Probe again, this time looking for any information about human organs. Eventually you got the info you were looking for, and invaded a secret Rikti base. There you found that they were mutating human organs into Rikti ones, and transplanting them into their soldiers. Apparently the mutated human organs didn't atrophy from overuse like the Rikti organs did. Hopefully, you have ended this operation for good.

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