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Olivia Darque's Ring

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From the Story Arc "Breaking Bows" given by Peter Themari.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

Olivia Darque's ring

This ring, given to you by Olivia Darque, is more than just a way to open doors throughout Cap au Diable. It's also a reminder of an escapade you like to call:

Breaking Bows

You first learned of Longbow's incursion into the Rogue Isles from Peter Themari. He objected to the arrival of the hero organization, not just because it impacted his business efforts, but also because he hates to see anyone doing good. You were dispatched to apprehend a Longbow agent who was working with the Luddites to set up a Longbow base on Cap au Diable. You quickly returned with the ill-fated Agent Albrecht in tow.

Under Themari's ruthless questioning, Agent Albrecht gave up the location of a Longbow listening base that had been established on Cap au Diable some months previous. You went there and disassembled it, knocking the stuffing out of the unprepared Longbow agents inside. You also stole their files, which included a plan to ambush Olivia Darque during a trip she planned to make to Paragon City.

Helping anyone rubbed Themari the wrong way, but letting Longbow make a coup rubbed worse, so he sent you to Paragon City to ambush the ambushers. You rescued Olivia Darque, securing a name for yourself in the Rogue Isles and giving those Longbow do-gooders a few bruises to remember you by.

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